Monday, June 8, 2009

Why India is shielding Nepal Army Chief Katawal?

If the Maoists’ Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal still thinks that he can take a rest for over six hours, somewhere in the outskirts of Kathmandu, leaving the country in doldrums, and that too after meeting the Indian envoy and one of the declared Indian agents, then he is mistaken.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal was accompanied by the families of some Maoists Peoples’ Liberation Army Commanders and his family members obviously, beloved wife Sita, heir apparent Prakash, daughter-in-law Srijana and nephew Sameer. That PM Dahal was more a family man than the country man is not also a secret either.

The rebel leader who was forcefully sent to the mainstream Nepali politics by the Indian regime which later followed by his election as the Prime Minister of the country, say experts, is bound to pay for this Indian magnanimity exhibited then.

That he is paying the dues become evident when a legitimate Government Head finds himself unable to sack the Nepal Army Chief.

After all, why the Indian regime is shielding Katwal is a Himalayan mystery? But the mystery remains no longer a secret affair for the intelligent brains and nationalists. There is no free lunch in Indian diplomacy!

PM Dahal headed straight 30 kilometers north-east of the capital, avoiding the May Day celebrations, May 1, 2009, and arrived at a resort in Lapsi-phedi VDC. However, Dahal’s destination was kept a guarded secret, say police sources.

The Kantipur daily writes quoting the Home Minister Bam Dev Gautam, the May Day is generally taken as a day of relief, thus he may have gone there to take a rest.

It was around seven in the morning, Amresh Kumar Singh the former Nepali Congress parliamentarian whose being a Nepali national remains suspect, had come uninvited to seek an audience with the Prime Minister.

What transpired in between the two, though still a mystery, but a quick guess makes it clear that the man who was chosen by the Indian establishment to act as a mediator between the then rebels and the seven party alliances to sign the 12-Points Agreement, holds lot of water in Nepali politics still.

PM Dahal was about to take on the SUV ride to an undisclosed location, there appeared the busiest man in Nepali politics, Rakesh Sood, the man who is officially known as the Indian Ambassador to Nepal whose scope and sphere of influence in Nepali politics is boundless.

PM Dahal took him to his private chamber and the two returned after ten minutes.

“The abrupt decision to stay away from May Day Celebrations was taken immediately after the Indian Ambassador to Nepal, Rakesh Sood met with the Prime Minister early morning”, adds sources.

After meeting Sood, PM Dahal talked to the Finance Minister Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai and asked him to address the May Day gathering in Public theatre in Kathmandu, to which Dr. Bhattarai readily accepted.

PM Dahal also told Bhattarai that the Indian envoy was still pressurizing him to retain Katawal or else, says Sood “await catastrophic situation in the country”.

The moot question thus again is: why Indian establishment is shielding Katawal?

What gains after all India will have upon retaining Katawal?

Or is it that Katwal has some “soft” inclination towards the Indian regime?

Questions galore!

It proves India wants to bring chaoes in Nepal. The appointment of Sujata as foreign minister and Madhav Kumar Nepal as Prime Minister is the proof of Indian grand design to destabilize Nepal and send Indian Army to capture nepal. The Dang incident is the water testing by the Indian because after the protest the RAW sponsered newspaper in the Kathmandu The Himalayan Times and annapurna Post published news saying the border encroachment issue is baseless citing the Indian embasssy in RAW's order.
But the Indian embassy issued the pres release the next day. The Indian embassy and RAw are competing to prove they are smnartly acting in teh case of Nepal.
In the editorial meeting of these newspapers one Indian embassy staff is always present and he reports to embassy.
Similarly, the RAW has recently sent its trusted man Dhruba as a journalist to Kathmandu who is seen hanging around Apca house nowdays.

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