Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another terrorist and rapist Indian coming to Nepal

Another terrorist and rapist Indian Menon coming to Nepal show him black flag and greet him with garlend of shoes,

The Indian Osama Bin laden Manmohan Singh and his accomplice Rakesh Sood are active in raping Nepalese and the other rapist terrorist Menon is coming to Nepal greet him with black flag and garlends of shoes.
The UML is the Indian RAW agency-run party that would not protest the Indian aggression and rape and terrorism but all the Nepalese should protest against the terrorist junior Osama Bin Laden called Menon and his side kicj Rakesh Sood, who has to be issued red corner notice for raping nepalese in dang, bara, and kalapani and many places in Nepal and for murder of Madan Bhandari and King Birendra's family.
Arrest terrorists Manmohan Singh, rakesh sood and Shiv Shankar Menon and frile case against them in the international court. They are Osama Bin Laden's blod brothers. At least Osama confesses his act but they deny their heniuos crime against sovereign country Nepal and Nepalese.

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praveen ps said...

123 crore Indians believe in ahimsa which was taught by lord buddha.we believe in our prosperity and our brothers who are around as like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh , Pakistan and Afghanistan, Tibet etc.we believe this areas are having unique culture in the world.we indians believe in mutual respect,mutual love and integrity.we are not believing in emotions and never try to harm any others sovereignty .hope you will understand as and treat us in mutual respect.