Saturday, February 21, 2009

Indian expansionist and its real face

Pranav Mukharji's Statement: A question mark on our sovereignty?

Dear Friends,

In an interview to Arabian television All Zazera, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of India, Pranav Mukharjee, he said that Maoist have come to the peace process and the government under the initiation and influence of India. He has ignored the sacrifice of other political parties, civil societies and the brave Nepali people who sacrificed their life for the peace and historical transformation. If it is really true, the present change that Nepal is experiencing is due to India and not due to the effort of Nepali people. Then the change or so called political development is on the greater interest of India than of Nepal. India's role also could not be undermined. They must have played some role from the diplomatic level. But isn't it the total disrespect to Nepal and its independency that India is taking credit whatever the positive development Nepali people have brought out. If India really wants Nepal to be peaceful and prosperous, Does it have a gut to solve the refugee problems that has also affected Nepal. Why are the political parties keeping their mouth shut in such a direct intervention in this issue by such a higher profile politician?

We believe that the historical movements led and carried out by Nepali people are the major driving factor to bring about the historical changes in Nepal.The international communities have no share at all.

Koshish strongly condemns such type of gross attack and intervention by any foreign forces in the name of peace and development and comes to fore to protest against such acts.

Koshish is the movement led by highly patriotic Nepali youths to reach each and every Nepali citizen's mind and heart with a nationalistic message that we must struggle and fight for the peace and betterment of our society and the nation protesting against the undemocratic attack of any sort by foreign forces.

In this regard, Koshish tries to create a networking and platform for or of all the patriotic youths of Nepal to fight for our nation's independency and sovereignty. The time has come for all the youths to gather and utilize the strength to carry out a long lasting struggle till we become a dignified citizen in the eyes of foreign forces.

Therefore, Koshish would like to invite respected people and young friends to take part in the action oriented discussion program.

Date: 21 February, Falgun 10(saturday)
Reporting Time:7:30 am(Please be on time)
Program Time: 8:00-10:00 am
Venue: Martin Chautari(near by prashuti griha)
The program will be concluded with signature campaign which will be submitted to the concerned parties.

Mr.Manoj Pandit
Koshish Movement

Please forward this information to your friends and concern people.

(PS: The RAW wants K P Oli to be chairman of CPN-UMP as he is their man for long. The RAW instalation in Nepal APCA has sent a messenger to lobby for him. He is the one who is responsible for the murder of Madan Bhandari.)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sood meets Prime Minister

Indian ambassador to Nepal Rakesh Sood called on Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal at the latter's official residence in Baluwatar Tuesday morning.

Bilateral issues including border security, preparations for power purchase from India, and the current political developments in Nepal were chiefly discussed at the half-hour long meeting that started at 7:30 am, it is learnt.

Meetings between the Indian ambassador and top political leaders are often considered politically significant and this one comes a day after 18 political parties in the Constituent Assembly decided to urge the Prime Minister to call early parliamentary session to decide the bills that are being introduced by the government through ordinance.

The RAW is also active and held meeting at Annapurna Hotel and Yak and Yeti Hotel last week in the presence of RAW agents active in Nepal in the name of APCA. The selected Madheshi leaders and congressi leaders took part in the meeting called in the name of The Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post. The special Indian agents active in Nepal and hold talks with various Congress political leaders and UNL political leaders and briefed them on future plan.

The Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post are backing Rishi Dhamala because Dhamal is also a RAW agent and these two newspapers are RAW propagande machine. The RAW agents are openly in the name of newspaper directing the political leaders to do what India wants. Dhamala is not a single case Indian embassy and RAW is using most of the Nepali journalists like Dhamala for information collection. Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post is just a show piece.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Nepali team denied entry

House team denied entry
The Indian Embassy on Sunday prohibited the team of Foreign Relations and Human Rights Committee of the Legislature-Parliament from going to Sandakpur while the team was heading toward Phyalot of Panchthar district via Sandakpur to inspect the encroached land in the Nepali territory.
In order to go to Panchthar, one has to use Indian land via Sandakpur. "Saying that it cannot provide security to the team members during the visit, the embassy denied us permission to go there," said Padma Lal Bishwokarma. The team arrived here on Saturday to inspect the border areas in the eastern part of the country following media reports of land encroachment at various points by Indian side.


A team of Foreign Relations and Human Rights Committee at the Legislature-Parliament, which began field study on encroached land in various bordering areas of the eastern districts on Saturday, reached the conclusion that the Indian side has encroached Nepali land at different points on various pretexts.
The team led by committee Chairman Padma Lal Bishwokarma said on Sunday that land in Manebhanjyang, Pulkhola, Simana, Phatak, Hile, Chhabbise and Guphapatal have been encroached.
“It's an issue of grave concern as the land being cultivated by Nepalis for years have now become parts of Indian territory,” said Bishwokarma, adding that the recently prepared map of border areas cannot be regarded as reliable for the demarcation between the two countries.
The team, which held inter-actions with locals, administration, human rights activists and police, came to such a conclusion after inspecting the encroached land in the areas.
“We will submit the report of our field study as soon as possible to exert pressure on the government to find amicable solution of the problems,” he added.
According to team members, security personnel of Seema Suraksha Bal (SSB) -- an Indian paramilitary force deployed along Nepal-India border -- has also set up its camp inside Nepali territory in Pulkhola of Pashupatinagar.
The SSB has set up another camp at Hile of the district- in the no-man's-land area- the delegation said.
At Guphapatal, SSB force had set up its camp near a border pillar which they had removed despite protests by locals. A house and a school have also been built in the no-man's-land in Chhabbise area by the Indians.
“In most of the areas we inspected, it was found that chunks of land have been encroached upon by the Indian side,” said Kamala Thapa, a team member.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

House panel looks into border encroachment

A team of Foreign Relations and Human Rights Committee of the Legislature-Parliament has began field study of encroached lands in Ilam and Panchthar districts on Saturday.
The team, headed by committee chairman Padma Lal Bishwokarma, arrived here after recent media reports that Seema Suraksha Bal, the Indian paramilitary force deployed along Nepal-India border, set up its camp encroaching Nepali territory at Sriantu in Ilam a few weeks ago.
The team started consulting administrative officials, journalists, human rights activists and locals in Ilam on Saturday.
The team members have plans to inspect various bordering areas in Chhabbise of Sriantu VDC, Manebhanjyang, Pulkhola, Sandakpur, Hile and Prabung of the two districts that share the border with India.