Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Indian Game Plan to stage Military Coup

The Indian Game Plan to stage Military Coup and its Nepalese agents K P Oli and Bidhya Bhandari, the RAW agents and the murderers of Madan Bhandari are asking armsw alms to India as suggested by India and Nepal army to stage military Coup,

Visiting Nepalese Defence Minister Bidhya Bhandari met with Indian foreign and defence ministers and foreign secretary separately in New Delhi on Tuesday.
Bhandari arrived in Delhi on Monday in a bid to ask the Indian government to resume military assistance to the country. She said they assured her that India was ready to assist Nepal as per the country's needs.
“I asked them to continue assistance in the military sector in the same way that they are helping us in health and education sectors. I am not here with a specific agenda. I simply asked for resumption of military assistance”.
According to Bhandari, the Indian leaders inquired about the ongoing peace process and drafting of the new constitution. She, however, said she did not discuss integration of Maoist combatants, an important part of the peace process.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Declare India a terrorist country and issue red corner notice against Manmohan Singh, Shiv Shankar Menon and Rakesh Sood

This is another example Indian hegemony.
At the liquid situation the Indian minister wants to build High dam in Koshi.
Last year due to Indian carelessness the dam was burst and Nepalese lost their lives. But still India is playing dirty game and wants high dam to inundate Nepalese land.
The Indians are terrorists and rapist. Biren Pradhan is another example of terrorist and rapist criminal Indian. every Indian a criminal and rapist and terrorist. Declare India a terrorist nation and issue red corner notice against manmohan Singh, Shiv Shankar Menon and Rakesh sood.
Here is the news of another terrorist Indian,

India is concerned about long-term for Koshi: Bansal
India's Minister for Water Resource and Parliamentary Affairs Pawan Kumar Bansal, who inspected the Koshi breach area in Sunsari and the reconstruction works at the dam Sunday, has said India is concerned about the long-term solution for Koshi.
Minister for Irrigation Bal Krishna Khand and visiting Indian Minister...
Addressing a press conference in the capital after the inspection visit, Bansal said India is serious about the problems caused by Koshi dam and informed that concerned authorities have been directed to take up all necessary measures including reconstruction works at the Koshi dam.
Hinting at India's interest in a high dam in Koshi, as a long-term solution to flooding which last year caused massive destruction and displacements in Nepal and India's Bihar, Bansal said India is also 'concerned' about the high dam and the study on its possibility is underway.
The Indian delegation led by Bansal visited the Koshi area in the morning. Nepal's Minister for Irrigation Bal Krishna Khand and Indian ambassador Rakesh Sood also accompanied the inspection team.
The Indian delegation that arrived in Kathmandu Saturday left for New Delhi this evening.

What is the similarity among Rishi Dhamala, Ajay Bhadra Khanal, jeewendra Simkhada and Merina shakya?
They all help rapist, murderer and terrorist Indian like Biren Pradha.
Rishi, Ajay and Jeewendra are RAW agents helping Indians rape Nepaese and terrorisr and murder Nepalese.
Arrest them and punish them.
Ban RAW propaganda machine Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post.
Declare Indis a terrorist country and issue red corner notice against Man Mohan Singh, Shiv Shamkar Menon and Rakesh Sood and Biren Pradhan.