Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Letter to Moriarty and Mukherjee uncle

Are Bhutanese human beings or not?
Do they have human rights or not?
Can they go to their home land or not?
What type of democrats are you?
You both are worst than Hitler,
how can you claim yourself democracy?

Bhutanese refugees on Wednesday called
off their Long March for voluntary
repatriation following two-hour long talks but
this fire is now spread, the blood of one fellow
Nepali youth will not go wasted,
Either India give way to Bhutanese
or declare yourself as a dictator Jigme's

On Tuesday morning, the Indian security
personnel beat up refugees attempting to
cross the Mechi Bridge and open fired .
Saha Bahadur Dewan, 18, becae martyr for
Bhutan's freedom from dictator Jigme.
India is a murderer of a Bhutanese

Today, the Bhutanes youths burned the effigy
of Indian prime Minsiter Manmohan Singh
in front of Indian embassy, Kathmandu, which
in recent days is more contrpversial in South Asia.
Long Live Bhutanese freedom.
Doen with Indian dictatorship.