Friday, April 6, 2007

More presents from New Delhi

Our Prime minsiter went to India for SAARC, and he was well welcomed feed and now is returning today. But at the same time there is another interesting news from Morang, about SSB entering nepalese territory and threatenning,

Indian SSB personnel enter Nepalese territory, threaten locals
Kantipur Report MORANG, April 5 - Indian paramilitary — Shashastra Seema Bal (SSB) — Wednesday night entered Nepal and misbehaved with the locals of the Bardanga VDC, border area for Eastern Morang. According to locals, the armed SSB personnel threatened to shoot the locals if they did not obey orders. Earlier on March 25, the SSB had entered Nepal and thrashed a Sijuwa local Chiranjibi Khatiwada — who was returning after buying rice from Nepalese farmers — and three other locals and robbed Rs 25,000 from Khatiwada. They also take a monthly sum from all the businessmen in the border area, say the victimized businessmen. They had entered Nepal with their arms to threaten locals not to reveal their earlier thrashing. According to a local Salim Miya, the SSB personnel forced the locals to sign a paper stating that the earlier incident had taken place in India and that Khatiwada had brought the rice from India. Miya also said that after the locals refused to sign, they threatened to shoot and paid 25 people from another village — who had no idea about the incident whatsoever — to sign as witnesses. Threatening the Bardanga locals to shoot any time they wished, they fled to India.
And why did Mr Ram Sharan Mahat go to Delhi, as an unwelcomed guest? Only the PM and the foreign minister were invited for SAARC, but what was he doing. It's simple - he was in Delhi to auction Upper Karnali and Tamakoshi and Arun III.NC sold Koshi and Gandagi, everyone know in Nepal.NC and the nationalist UML jointely sold Mahakali. Our K P Oli used to calculate crors and crors Nepal may get after signing Mahakali, where is that may be Oli knows.Now, its Karnali's turn, and all the big rivers are sold. But do you beleive Kaal Bhairav will see this unjustice and keep quite.NO, everyone, including KP Oli, Ram Sharan Mahat and whoever are involve din selling nepali resources will be punished by Kaal Bhairav. They and all other anti-Nepali frauds have to pay for each penny they stole from Nepal.I am Kaal Bhairav and now I am awakeing and nepal will get justice. Nepalese will get justice and all the fruds and cheaters are cursed. Their money willnot be useful for them and their family. Their family should perish instead of Nepalese people - and it is a curse from Kaal Bhairav. Amin!!!