Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Height of an Indian's hegemony over Nepal

"Ashok Mehta's commentary "Nepal needs a make over" is totally biased, prejudiced irresponsive and cunning in nature."

Ashok Mehta's commentary "Nepal needs a make over" placed at web site is totally biased, prejudiced, irresponsive and cunning in nature. With what dignity and authority an Indian Army retired red tape dared to comment over the personal issues of an independent and sovereign nation, Nepal?

Contents of Mehta's this spinning script demonstrates that he holds a latent conspiracy and has several ploys against the peace and prosperity of Nepal. Mehta's conspiracy might derail the ongoing peace process in Nepal and affect the safety and security of entire regions in South Asia. Who is to blame for these repercussions?

No doubts, why this retired Indian Army General had faced several disciplinary actions including serious Military charges like Court martial in his midterm Army career. It is not enough of him. All the Nepalese responsive citizens remember the black days of Mehata's past stay in Nepal.
One can still identify those innocent Nepalese village girls who were sexually exploited and harassed by this unethical and irresponsive General. So, Mr. Mehta is advised that instead of spitting venom and throwing provocative comments over Nepal's fate he should better regret himself for his crooked mentality and inhuman acts over innocent and ignorant Nepalese souls.

Mehta's identity can never be abolished in this entire South Asian region. It is an open secret that Mehta is the key actor of Indian intelligence Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) being activated in SAARC region? Ask any innocent SIKKIMESE or BHUTANESE citizen about the cunningness and conspiracy of this crooked personality.

It is true that this fox is plugging a thrilling conspiracy against the aspirations and quest of Nepalese people. Nepalese Patriots! Beware!! What concern does he have with the freedom and rights of Nepalese citizens? How will he feel if a Nepalese citizens fiddle with the policy of his country, India?

Mehta has no rights and authority to interrupt over the personal matters of Nepal. We Nepalese people also have sound brains to handle our internal problems. We are conscious about Mehta's grand design of "SIKKIMIZATION" of Nepal. So, honorable court martial experienced General! Instead of advocating for your puppet political party (CPN Maoists), you should advise Nepalese policy makers for the better solutions of bringing peace and stability in your neighborhood.

You must realize that you live in this region too. Mehta should better stop acting over smart. He should better be a good neighbor and survive in safe neighborhood. Remember every action has always equal and opposite reaction. Never dream of reincarnating LENDUP DORJE in Nepal. Why not you scan your biography and seek apology from the sober Nepalese people for your inhuman past behavior in Nepal.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

90 per cent of Interference in Nepal comes from India: Mahara

In an exclusive interview with the Kantipur Daily dated September 20, 2009, Mr. Krishna Bahadur Mahara of the Unified Maoists’ party accepts that in the fresh visit of party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal to Hong Kong, the Maoists’ team had met with some high placed China's leadership.

Say experts, the Maoist’s Party of Nepal that is sharing worst relations with India after the fall of the Maoists’ led government on May 4, 2009, the increasing hobnob with the Chinese regime of the Maoists’ leadership thereafter, and, of late Prachanda’s secret meeting with the Chinese leadership in Hong Kong has sent (it has already been sent) spine chilling waves to the coercive New Delhi leadership which unfortunately provided shelter to the leaders of the Maoists’ Party, including Mr. Mahara for over a decade. What an unjust world? Bear with it!

Mahara replying to a query posed by Kantipur says that Mrs. Nirupama Rao, the Indian Foreign Secretary while in Kathmandu had met with Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai, the Maoists’ party vice chairman and her meet with Bhattarai meant that the Maoists party still accorded priority to the Indian establishment.

“What could show our respect to her than our vice chairman meeting her” Mahara asks.

Mahara, the international bureau chief of the Maoists party however, rejects the idea that the Maoists’ want enhanced relations with China at the cost of India.

“We have good relations with various political forces of India as well”, Mahara thus politely rubs ointment in the Indian wound.

“We feel that we must share enhanced relations with China as well, we are in the process of developing such relations with the northern neighbor...the practice has already begun", adds Mahara.

“Not just India and China, we must build cordial and friendly relations with other countries, beyond the countries in the neighborhood.”

“We are positive towards relations that Nepal shares with India”, he says adding, “But, we will never tolerate the Indian interference in Nepali politics.”

“Yes, our relations with India are slightly strained but not at that level as that could not be corrected", he continues.

Some Indian citizens are worried in having concluded that the Nepali Maoists did not come to their fold”, Mahara says forwarding a suggestion that “such mindset must be changed.”

“There is absolutely no space to criticize Chinese political interference in Nepal”, he says “as far as interference of India and China is concerned in Nepal affairs, the fact is that of the total, 90 per cent of political interference in Nepal originate from the Indian side”.

A daring declaration indeed.

Mahara honestly tells the Kantipur that “Chinese interference may only account to 10 per cent”.

“China is clear on its Nepal policy”, Mahara says, “The Chinese support is clear in that it comes through the proper channel of the Nepal Government.”

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why has India invited Jhalnath Khanal

Why has India invited Jhalnath Khanal to India. Its not a surprise because India wants to tame Jhalnath Khanal like KP OLI and Madhav Kumar Nepal.
The Terai-based parties are quite and not protesting beacuse in Terai India is exposed. The RAW has been very active in Terai for long but the problem started when the Americans and West powers including China told India not to meddle the Terai and create unrest.
But Indian has started new policy of cosying CPN (UML) as it has invited party chairman Jhalnatha Khanal.
The power bloc in , created in 1947, does not sincerely recognize Nepal as an independent country. It talks about Nepal’s independence in only those times when it diplomatically needs to avoid bad consequences of its “doings” in Nepal. It treats Nepal as territory for playing out its power games. And it plays these games “internally” by promising each “big” leader of every Nepali political party the post of Nepal’s prime ministership/presidency. The memoirs/books by BP Koirala, GM Singh, KP Bhattarai, MP Koirala, Bharat Mohan Adhikari eloquently record the way the power bloc of India plays in Nepal.
This also explains the rationale for short term tenure of government leadership in Nepal (10 prime ministers in the last 10 years) and the incentive this (short term tenure of the government leadership) holds for the Indian power bloc.
Just compare the size (territory) of India had when it was created in 1947 and the one it claims now. One may visit a good library for the yearly Almanac of the Statesman (Calcutta) and pick up it for 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000 (this is an example for yearly sample and interval). This will very clearly establish not only the fact about the up- scaling “elasticity” of TROI territory in Trans-Himalayan Asia but also the unilaterally imposed so-called open border on the innocent people of Nepal.
India is manipulative enough to work “internally” in Nepal as its formal takeover or annexation of Nepal will bring it directly over to Tibet Autonomous Region of China; and the security and economic costs of such doing will be simply infinite for India.
Sensing this China has started the campaign in Kashmir treating it as a separate country.
The Chinese are more watchful of Indian activities in Nepal and now India feels it should have its pseudo-Nepali voice. So, India's RAW started The Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post to start their propaganda in Nepal against its neighbours.
If one reads The Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post, the news aganist China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan are always front page. The editors of both the newspapers are not journalists but the Indian-paid dogs who can only bark in front of other Nepali collegues but lick the Indians boot.
There is no difference between Rishi Dhamala and these editors, who are RAW agents. They should be arrested and put behind the bars for the security of the country and its sovereignty.
by Upendra Gautam