Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Height of an Indian's hegemony over Nepal

"Ashok Mehta's commentary "Nepal needs a make over" is totally biased, prejudiced irresponsive and cunning in nature."

Ashok Mehta's commentary "Nepal needs a make over" placed at web site is totally biased, prejudiced, irresponsive and cunning in nature. With what dignity and authority an Indian Army retired red tape dared to comment over the personal issues of an independent and sovereign nation, Nepal?

Contents of Mehta's this spinning script demonstrates that he holds a latent conspiracy and has several ploys against the peace and prosperity of Nepal. Mehta's conspiracy might derail the ongoing peace process in Nepal and affect the safety and security of entire regions in South Asia. Who is to blame for these repercussions?

No doubts, why this retired Indian Army General had faced several disciplinary actions including serious Military charges like Court martial in his midterm Army career. It is not enough of him. All the Nepalese responsive citizens remember the black days of Mehata's past stay in Nepal.
One can still identify those innocent Nepalese village girls who were sexually exploited and harassed by this unethical and irresponsive General. So, Mr. Mehta is advised that instead of spitting venom and throwing provocative comments over Nepal's fate he should better regret himself for his crooked mentality and inhuman acts over innocent and ignorant Nepalese souls.

Mehta's identity can never be abolished in this entire South Asian region. It is an open secret that Mehta is the key actor of Indian intelligence Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) being activated in SAARC region? Ask any innocent SIKKIMESE or BHUTANESE citizen about the cunningness and conspiracy of this crooked personality.

It is true that this fox is plugging a thrilling conspiracy against the aspirations and quest of Nepalese people. Nepalese Patriots! Beware!! What concern does he have with the freedom and rights of Nepalese citizens? How will he feel if a Nepalese citizens fiddle with the policy of his country, India?

Mehta has no rights and authority to interrupt over the personal matters of Nepal. We Nepalese people also have sound brains to handle our internal problems. We are conscious about Mehta's grand design of "SIKKIMIZATION" of Nepal. So, honorable court martial experienced General! Instead of advocating for your puppet political party (CPN Maoists), you should advise Nepalese policy makers for the better solutions of bringing peace and stability in your neighborhood.

You must realize that you live in this region too. Mehta should better stop acting over smart. He should better be a good neighbor and survive in safe neighborhood. Remember every action has always equal and opposite reaction. Never dream of reincarnating LENDUP DORJE in Nepal. Why not you scan your biography and seek apology from the sober Nepalese people for your inhuman past behavior in Nepal.

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