Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another terrorist and rapist Indian coming to Nepal

Another terrorist and rapist Indian Menon coming to Nepal show him black flag and greet him with garlend of shoes,

The Indian Osama Bin laden Manmohan Singh and his accomplice Rakesh Sood are active in raping Nepalese and the other rapist terrorist Menon is coming to Nepal greet him with black flag and garlends of shoes.
The UML is the Indian RAW agency-run party that would not protest the Indian aggression and rape and terrorism but all the Nepalese should protest against the terrorist junior Osama Bin Laden called Menon and his side kicj Rakesh Sood, who has to be issued red corner notice for raping nepalese in dang, bara, and kalapani and many places in Nepal and for murder of Madan Bhandari and King Birendra's family.
Arrest terrorists Manmohan Singh, rakesh sood and Shiv Shankar Menon and frile case against them in the international court. They are Osama Bin Laden's blod brothers. At least Osama confesses his act but they deny their heniuos crime against sovereign country Nepal and Nepalese.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

EXpand the global network against Indian aggression and expose Indian Osama Bin Laden

Dear friens,

We have to expand this global campaign and expose Manmohan Singh, the new avatars of Osama Bin Laden and Terrorist country India, the new Taliban state in South Asia.
The Indian atrocities is increasing day by day and the Nepali government is engaged in power sharing, Shame on you Madhav Nepal, Girija Prasad and Bijaya Gachhedhar and Upendra yadav. These osn of bitches called yadav and Mahant Thaku want one madhes but when Indian SSb rapes Nepali daughters they don't speak that proves that they are Indian puppet like Madhav Nepal and Girija Prasad.
Shame on You, Ranm Sharan, how about if somebody rapes your wife and daughter? Still you save Indians for power or act against the rapist? Tryu to learn th eleswsons from History otherwise Nepalese people will kick you out of country and you have no right to be minister. If you are Indian dalal go to Indis present your wife to be raped by SSB and become Indian minister, don't you dare to challenge Nepalese sentiment, you asshole son of a bithc, and the global day against Indian aggression team is researching on the nepalese politicians and their childrens and wives relationships with Indian institutions and where they work except the Indian dalal nepalese journalists of Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post and other media houses and Journalists like Gpal Budhathoki who only writes about Kantipur and Nagarik and otyher newspapers but never writes about the RAW sponsered Himalayan Times and Annapurn Post and its journalists and RAW agents who work in these papers posing as journalists, Why Gopal Budhathoki, how much do you get monthly from the Indian embassy?
We are investigating you and your background also.

Global day Against Indian Aggression team

Open letter to Ban Ki Moon, the Un general secretary


June 15, 2009

His Excellency Ban Ki-moon
The United Nations
1 United Nations Plaza
New York, New York 10017-3515

Your Excellency,

As a group of Nepalese living in New York, we beseech the prompt attention of the United Nations on the recent encroachment of Nepali land by India in Dang district of Nepal, which turned out to be one of the gravest violations of not only the national sovereignty of Nepal but also a tragic and shameful incursion of the big neighbor into human rights of a large number of people directly victimized by the Surakshya Seema Bal (SSB) of the Indian armed forces.

The truth, vehemently denied by the Indian Government as it has historically in such cases, is based more than on the stories of the victims as reported in the newspapers – it is officially confirmed by the recent findings of the parliamentary committees of the Constituent Assembly of Nepal. A part of the fresh and direct synopsis of the recently reported truth runs as:

“The separate delegations of the Constituent Assembly and legislature parliament have concluded that Nepali has been encroached by India in Dang district.

The CA team was lead by Amik Sherchan, chairman of the Committee for Protection of National Interest while the parliamentary delegation was headed by Padma Lal Biswakarma, chairman of the International Relations and Human Rights Committee.

Organizing a press conference in Dang Saturday, the all-party CA inspection team urged the government to start rehabilitation of those displaced due to unruly acts of the Indian border security officials, provide them relief support and seek lasting solution to the recurrent border disputes.”

Source: (June 13, 2009)

The highly commendable work of the United Nations Mission in Nepal in restoring the peace in the Himalayan country has unquestionably enriched the glory of the globally esteemed organization that you represent at the highest level. At this critical juncture, when Nepal’s peace process seems to be at stake, we place our faith in you for nurturing the dignity of the world body through

Urgently setting up an impartial international task-force to investigate the encroachment of Nepali land by India currently and in the past
Promptly placing all related UN agencies to persuade India for reverting to its original border points
Promptly assisting the victims with their relocation and return to a peaceful life
As Your Excellency should already be well aware of the urgency of the quick action on this issue in the fledgling peace process of Nepal, we do again beseech you to accord the highest possible priority to this new unfortunate development of paramount and far-reaching significance in the context of the United Nations as a protector of national sovereignty, peace, and human rights around the globe.

Thank you very much.
Sincerely yours,

The Nepalese living in New York:

(But UML and Madhav Kumar Nepal and Jhalanath Khanal are still silent on the issue of nationality because they are pakhandi and they want to remain in power despite Indian encroachment and rape and terrorism in Nepal border. Bucause they both know Madan Bhandari is killed by RAW as he didnot compromise sovereignty of Nepal and nepalese.
Madhav Kumar Nepal and Jhalanath Khanal can sell their wives and mother and daughters to Sood if they could remain in the power.
RAW murdered Madan Bhandari and greedy Madhav Nepal and K P Oli and Jhalanath Khanal supplied the information with the help of bidhya Bhandari.
The RAW and terrorists and rapist Indian Man Mohan singh, Menon and Sood can murder any Maoist leader now again like Madan Bhandari as they are against their grand design of Sikkimisation of Nepal.
Akhilesh Upadhayay of kathmandu Post and sudhir Sharma of Kantipur received Rs 20 lak reach for not publishing the border dispute news in their newspaper. These newspapers published the news and Sood denied in the RAW -sponsered newspaper but Sood called them to Lainchour and paid them handsomely and satisfied mother-sellers stopped the news. this is the face of Nepalese journalists.)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Global day against Indian Aggression and new Osama Bin Laden

Expose the new terrorists and rapist nationally and internationally and add them in the red corner notice to be arrested for raping Nepalese women and encroaching the Nepali land,

This is the letter that nepalese wanted to submit to Indian Embassy in the US but the embassy officials mistreated Nepalese,

Dr. Manamohan Singh
Right Honorable Prime Minister of India
Room No. 148 B South Block
New Delhi 110001, India

June 15, 2009

RE: Border encroachment and human rights violation by Indian security authorities in Nepal

Dear Prime Minister:

As global citizens and citizens and friends of Nepal, we are deeply saddened by the recent actions of the Indian Border Security Forces (IBSF) on Nepali territory. The encroachment on Nepali lands and the atrocities committed against Nepalese citizens is a violation of international law and human rights, and constitutes an attack on Nepal’s sovereignty. With this encroachment our great hope, which is to see India’s foreign policy demonstrate mutual respect and trust, is dashed. The Indian establishment has once again failed to grasp the fact that such folly imposes huge cost to both India and Nepal.

Still, Mr. Prime Minister, you have a choice and you can make the difference.

In May of 2009, the IBSF encroached on Nepali lands and committed atrocities along the border villages of western district of Dang. Two separate delegations of the Constituent Assembly and legislature parliament investigated and reached that conclusion unanimously. These actions resulted in the displacement of more than 6000 people from their homes. Cases of rape and disappearance have also been reported. This is not the first time the IBSF has encroached on Nepali territory and committed atrocities: from Jhapa in the east all the way to Darchula in the west (where the Indian military has even set up a permanent base), the pattern of border encroachment is repeated, with forceful displacement, shifting of border markers and appropriation of territory. India has already appropriated some 59,970 hectares of Nepali territory at 54 points in 21 districts. All these cases are well documented, but India has not shown any sign of taking responsibility of its excesses in a foreign land.

This is not the only example of India’s interference in Nepal’s sovereignty. Recently the Indian Ambassador to Nepal, Mr. Sood, interfered in the choice of Nepal’s Commander-in-Chief. By doing so, he has made it clear that Nepalese right to choose their government remains a right as long as their choice does not contradict with India’s vested interest in Nepal. Mr. Prime Minister, we believe that you understand that the love for motherland and quest for justice does not depend on the size of a country. No matter how small Nepal is compared to India, our love for Nepal and its independence is equal to the love any Indian feels for his motherland.

People from Nepal and India have very cordial relations; they respect and admire each other. They share many common attributes. Our former prime ministers Manmohan Adhikari and B P Koirala were active participants of your national liberation movement. Nepali people in the Indian Army have helped safeguard Indian territory in both the Sino-Indian war and the Indian-Pakistan war. Reciprocally, Indian people have always supported democratic movements in Nepal. The irony is that Indian foreign policy towards Nepal has shown itself over time to be unfair, unjust and vicious.

Nepalese and Friends of Nepal have been hopeful that you, Mr. Prime Minister, would be able to change the “Big Brother” nature of India’s policy in Nepal into one that stands on a firm foundation of mutual respect and trust. These hopes are fading fast. You have the opportunity to make India a great nation by basing India’s foreign policy as it was conceived by former prime minister I. K. Gujral as the Gujral Doctrine. This is time for Indian foreign policymaking be taken out of the hands of bureaucrats still living in the shadow of colonialism.

Change is long overdue. As a first step, we Nepalese, Friends of Nepal and peace loving people around the globe urge you to correct the present aggression immediately, bring the IBSE home to their barracks in India, apologize to those Nepalese who have been the victims of a barbaric act, and compensate those whose property has been destroyed.

Respectfully yours,

The Nepalese residing in the USA

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Observe Global day against Indian Aggression on June 15, DECLARE INDIA A TERRORIST COUNTRY

Why is India lying? Because India is a terrorist country and it is terrorising the Whole south Asia. In every South asian country India is meddeling and playing dirty because its a rapist and Terrorist Country,

Lets write to UN to

Expose Indian Atrocities, expose new Osama Bin Laden aka Man Mohan singh

India and the pain of Kalapani and Sustas
By Anand Gurung

Just a day after the parliamentary committee on Human Rights and International Relations led by Amik Sherchan and an “all-party” monitoring team concluded that Indian side had indeed encroached upon Nepali land in the bordering areas of Dang district and that locals living there were forced to flee their homes due to continued atrocities on them by the Indian border security force personnel, an interview of the Indian ambassador to Nepal Rakesh Sood appeared in the leading Kantipur Daily on Sunday in which he again dismissed claims (based on media reports) that Nepali land has been encroached upon by India in Dang and that its Border Security Force were involved in appalling atrocities against Nepali citizens living there.
“The surveyors Delhi sent (to Dang) found that there was absolutely no untoward incident,” Ambassador Sood said in the interview with the daily which was originally taken on Friday.
In a persuasive tone of a seasoned diplomat, he assured that when the new border pillars are installed after the “strip maps” signed by Nepal and India in December 2007 is formalized by the Nepal government, “around 98 percent of the border disputes will be resolved”.
“The rest concerning Kalapani and Susta needs to be re-solved at the political level,” he said.
In saying this Ambassador Sood was only repeating what has been officially told on numerous occasions in the past – that long-standing border dispute between Nepal and India has largely been solved except in two areas Kalapani and Susta.
In the rare interview, New Delhi’s representative in Kathmandu who has seen, or if media reports are to be believed, presided over three ‘change of guard’ at Singha Durbar, tried to allay further claims about New-Delhi’s alleged role in bringing down the Maoist-led government and its anxiety over Nepal’s supposed closed ties with China.
And he did this in the classic South Bloc jargon for all seasons, something which his predecessors in Kathmandu used often and which the government and the media here have lapped up without a second thought.
“It is completely an internal affair of Nepal and India had nothing to do with.” --- on New Delhi’s role in toppling Maoist-led government
“Nepal is a sovereign country and it will decide what kind of relationship it will have with any other country.” - on Nepal’s relationship with China.
But the smooth-talking ambassador made a major slip in his attempt to make the border encroachment issue - due to which Nepal-India’s relationship has received a major beating in recent times - a non-issue.
Going by Ambassador Sood’s claim, the disputed areas of Susta and Kalapani are just a small part of the big problem that is already on the way of being resolved and that it needs just a formal acceptance on the part of Nepal to make it a thing of the past, a thorny but forgettable episode in the “age-old, friendly and cordial” ties between the two country.
It is not so.
Various reports backed by credible evidences have shown that India has encroached upon and continues to illegally occupy more than 60,000 hectares of Nepali land at 61different places across the country.
The total area occupied by India in Kalapani and Tinker area of far-western Nepal (an area which has always featured highly during bureaucratic and ministerial level border talks between the two countries) alone is said to stand at 37,000 hectares. Similarly, additional 14,000 hectares of Nepal land has been encroached by India in Susta.
These figures makes it quite clear that Indian occupation of Nepali territory in Kalapani and Susta, which have been erroneously labeled as mere ‘border disputes’ to tone down the seriousness of the situation, in fact lies at the heart of long-standing border problem between the two countries.
This was perhaps why during the Maoist led government few months back, then foreign minister Upendra Yadav and his Indian counterpart Pranab Mukherjee had confined their talks on resolving the dispute particularly in Kalapani and Susta.
Few weeks before the series of reports about encroachment of Nepali land in Dang and atrocities against Nepali citizens living there hogged the media headlines, a field study conducted by the same parliamentary committee had found that an additional 34 hectares of land belonging to people of ward no 6, 7 and 8 of Jhitakaiya VDC in Bara district has been encroached by the Indian side.
The parliamentary committee led by Nepali Congress leader Nabindra Raj Joshi concluded that as many as 264 border pillars were missing out of the original 685. It also found that Indian farmers encroached Nepali land on the backing of Seema Surakcha Bal (SSB) personnel for farming purposes.
Joshi had in an interview with a daily paper at that time said that change in the course of the river also pushed the Nepali land to the Indian side of stream, encouraging Indian farmers to capture it later.
Surprisingly, he refrained from calling this a seizure of Nepali land, instead preferring to just call it a mere ‘border dispute’.
“It is the fact that there is border problem in Bara, but it will not be wise to conclude that the Indian side has encroached Nepali land,” he said. “We may have to go for further study after the technical team hands over its report on this.”
In her tell-all article on encroachment of Nepali territory by the Indian side, P.K Pant, a veteran journalist who regularly writes on border-related issues, sheds some important light on the history of Indian occupation of Kalapani.
She writes: “After India lost to China in the 1962 border war, Indian soldiers gradually receded from the frontline. They learnt a crucial lesson from this war and found the Kalapani area in Nepal as a strategically appropriate and sensitive area because of its potential of acting as a buffer zone between India and China. So, Indian military decided to stay there. (Almost fifty years later) Indian soldier have still been occupying that area, but no voice has been raised against it from any quarters.”
Pant has another interesting revelation that lays bare what she describes as “meekness” of Nepali leaders.
She further writes that in regards to Susta the government deliberately refused to make public the map of the Susta area prepared by the Survey Department in collaboration with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
“The map, prepared in 2003, clearly illustrates the blatant encroachment of some 14,000 hectors of Susta by Indian side,” she writes, and further adds, “Nepal government is surreptitiously trying to suppress the prevalent geographical truths about the area by citing that it failed to confirm the measurement of the encroached land due to the absence of the map.”
She insists that the whole matter is related with foreign-policy conduct.
“We must be determined to clear out differences within ourselves and bring to an end this long-lingering and turbulent issue in the larger interest of the country by reaching to a national consensus,” she implores. “The consensus will thus uphold the dignity of the nation and its people as a whole, and would especially help in dealing with border disputes, water resources, foreign policy and development issues.”
Border experts say that when the time called for it India easily relinquished its traditional “twin pillar theory” (that of democracy and constitutional monarchy) which it held dear when it came to its relation with Nepal, but now it must turn a new leaf in its relation with the Himalayan republic by amicably resolving the long-standing border problem with the new, unwavering pillars of fairness, trust and mutual-respect.
Better fences make better neighbors.

Observe Global day against Indian Aggression on June 15

Atrocities on Nepal border villagers: Lawmakers

DANG, June 13: Locals in villages along the Nepal-India border in Dang district were forced to flee their homes due to continued atrocities on them by the Indian paramilitary force Seema Surksha Bal (SSB), concluded a team of Nepali parliamentarians after completing a four-day field visit to the district.

Speaking at a press meet in Dang on Saturday, the lawmakers however gave contradictory views regarding the encroachment of Nepali land by India. UCPN (Maoist) lawmaker Amik Sherchan said Nepali land was encroached upon but he said he would reveal the extent of encroachment only after looking at the map. Indra Bahadur Tharu, a lawmaker from the same party, said, “On the basis of the map, we did not find any encroachment of Nepali land.” Tharu argued that India plans to encroach the land after chasing away the villagers.

The team of parliamentarians visited the district after around 2,000 people from the villages of Bela, Koilabas and Gobardiha in Dang fled their homes due to alleged encroachment of Nepali land and atrocities committed by the SSB personnel. The displaced villagers are sheltering in the Karri community forest in Satbariya-2 in the district.

All the lawmakers stated that continued atrocities by SSB personnel were the main reason behind the displacement of Nepali villagers in Dang. "There is no state presence in the border villages and the Nepalis are suffering atrocities from the SSB and Indian criminal groups", said Sherchan. He said the SSB crossed into Nepali territory, "dug ditches, set up huts and put up ´signs´ on houses".

But the team found the border pillars intact contrary to what media reports stated. Of the 79 pillars at 22 border points, 78 are intact, said one team member. One pillar was found to have been lost.

According to Sherchan, people have to depend on the Indian market and Nepalis face atrocities as there are no Nepali check posts on the border. "We should ensure a state presence on the border for a solution," he said.

Locals told the team that local women were sometimes raped by SSB personnel, and they allowed people to import just five to 10 kg of food from across the border.

The lawmakers reached the conclusion that the government should take initiatives to return the villagers to their homes and introduce some development packages.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Observe the Day against Indian Aggression on June 15

The Nepali journalists and politicians are on pay roll of Indian Embassy. They are afraid of the Indians as they think they cannot live without the rapist and terrorist Indian support.
What will Jeewendra Simkhada do if his wife and daughter is raped?
What will Ajay Khanal do if his wife and daughetr is raped
What will Sudhir Sharma do if his wife and daughetr is raped?
What will Akhilesh Upadhayay's do, if his wife and daughetr is raped ?
What will Narayan Wagle do if his wife and daughetr is raped?
What will Peatik Pradhan do if his wife and daughetr is raped?
What will Girija Prasad do if his wife and daughetr is raped?
What will Madhav Nepal do if his wife and daughetr is raped?
What will K P Oli do if his wife and daughetr is raped?
What will jhalanath Khanal do if his wife and daughetr is raped?
What will Ramchandra Poudel do if his wife and daughetr is raped?
What will Sherbahadur Deuba do if his wife and daughetr is raped?
What will Sujata Koirala do if his daughetr is raped?

Close down the RAW-sponsored Himalayan times and Annapurna Post and arrest their journalists for writing against national interest and Nepal. How can a government tolerate such anti-nepal activities in Nepal. If Madhav Nepal is a true nepali he has to take action against these RAW-agents and immediately arrest them and issue White paper on national issue.

It is a established fact that India is a terrorist country in South Asia. The Indian Army, SSB, police and every indians are rapist and terrorists and they areterrorising Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and whole South Asia.
Lets observe the Day Against Indian Aggression on June 15 world and protest terrorist Indians.

This is the proof.

Delegations say India encroached Nepal's land

The separate delegations of the Constituent Assembly and legislature parliament have concluded that Nepali has been encroached by India in Dang district.

The CA team was lead by Amik Sherchan, chairman of the Committee for Protection of National Interest while the parliamentary delegation was headed by Padma Lal Biswakarma, chairman of the International Relations and Human Rights Committee.

Organising a press conference in Dang Saturday, the all-party CA inspection team urged the government to start rehabilitation of those displaced due to unruly acts of the Indian border security officials, provide them relief support and seek lasting solution to the recurrent border disputes.

The team told local journalists that Indian SSB personnel threatened, harassed and barred Nepalis from purchasing daily consumer goods from the bordering market.

Indian government and some Nepali officials including Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala had denied any border encroachment. The RAW-sponsered papers have said that Indian did not encroach the Nepali Land.

What will Rakesh Sood do, if his wife and daughter is raped? Send this rapist terrorist Indian back.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Indian newspaper's another propaganda

When Nepalese were beingf raped and chased in Nepal Himalayan Times was busy publishing Indian Embassy press release denying the fact of our Nepalese women being raped and chased and kidnapped but when the bloody rapist and terrorist Indian are in Nepal they are the main news in the RAW-propangada newspaper Himalayan times.
We have been maintaining that Foreign investment in newspaper is wrong aand it will weaken the nationality and its the proof. This indian journalist and his Nepali counterparts in Himalayan Times and Apca should learn how Indian newspapers lobbied for teh Indian student when they are beaten in Australia.
Shame on Nepalese journalists, they have no blood but teh water running in their vein how can they bremain silent when their daughters and mothers are being raped and kidnapped and chased,

This Indian journalist who wrote this story should be kicked out of Nepal and his wife and mother should be raped.
Close the RAW-sponsered Himalayan Times and annapurna Post .
Close Apca house and ban the editors from working in any newspapers in nepal, They are mother sellers and traitors.
Rape the bloody indian Rajan Pokhrel's wife and daughters !

Pilgrims’ progress halted
Rajan Pokhrel
KATHMANDU: Hundreds of Indian pilgrims who were headed for Kailash Mansarovar via Nepal have been stranded in Taklakot-Purang and Tatopani area of Tibet due to obstruction along the Araniko Highway for the last three days.
Air passengers too have not been able to return from Kailash area as locals have halted air services in Simikot, Humla, for the last three days demanding revision in fares. According to immigration officials, six pilgrims have died of altitude sickness since the first week of May.
Most of the pilgrims were above the age of 50.
Vijaya Poudel, chief of the Immigration Department, Tatopani border, said four bodies of Indian pilgrims had been identified.
The deceased are Sarala Devi of Ghantasala, Srikanta and Umakant of Doddaballapur and Tusar Murti of Kanpur. Meanwhile, District Police office (DPO) Humla informed that two pilgrims who died in the Kailash area were airlifted to Simikot last week.
One of the deceased had been identified as Damodar Das Agrawal of Benares.
Both the bodies were flown to India from Simikot, the DPO added.
Tenzing Norbu Lama of Sunny Travels said the locals today allowed Yeti Airlines to operate two flights for rescue operation from Humla airport.
“Stranded pilgrims will be rescued at the earliest,” Lama said.
He also appealed to the authorities to ensure pilgrims’ safe return.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Why India is shielding Nepal Army Chief Katawal?

If the Maoists’ Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal still thinks that he can take a rest for over six hours, somewhere in the outskirts of Kathmandu, leaving the country in doldrums, and that too after meeting the Indian envoy and one of the declared Indian agents, then he is mistaken.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal was accompanied by the families of some Maoists Peoples’ Liberation Army Commanders and his family members obviously, beloved wife Sita, heir apparent Prakash, daughter-in-law Srijana and nephew Sameer. That PM Dahal was more a family man than the country man is not also a secret either.

The rebel leader who was forcefully sent to the mainstream Nepali politics by the Indian regime which later followed by his election as the Prime Minister of the country, say experts, is bound to pay for this Indian magnanimity exhibited then.

That he is paying the dues become evident when a legitimate Government Head finds himself unable to sack the Nepal Army Chief.

After all, why the Indian regime is shielding Katwal is a Himalayan mystery? But the mystery remains no longer a secret affair for the intelligent brains and nationalists. There is no free lunch in Indian diplomacy!

PM Dahal headed straight 30 kilometers north-east of the capital, avoiding the May Day celebrations, May 1, 2009, and arrived at a resort in Lapsi-phedi VDC. However, Dahal’s destination was kept a guarded secret, say police sources.

The Kantipur daily writes quoting the Home Minister Bam Dev Gautam, the May Day is generally taken as a day of relief, thus he may have gone there to take a rest.

It was around seven in the morning, Amresh Kumar Singh the former Nepali Congress parliamentarian whose being a Nepali national remains suspect, had come uninvited to seek an audience with the Prime Minister.

What transpired in between the two, though still a mystery, but a quick guess makes it clear that the man who was chosen by the Indian establishment to act as a mediator between the then rebels and the seven party alliances to sign the 12-Points Agreement, holds lot of water in Nepali politics still.

PM Dahal was about to take on the SUV ride to an undisclosed location, there appeared the busiest man in Nepali politics, Rakesh Sood, the man who is officially known as the Indian Ambassador to Nepal whose scope and sphere of influence in Nepali politics is boundless.

PM Dahal took him to his private chamber and the two returned after ten minutes.

“The abrupt decision to stay away from May Day Celebrations was taken immediately after the Indian Ambassador to Nepal, Rakesh Sood met with the Prime Minister early morning”, adds sources.

After meeting Sood, PM Dahal talked to the Finance Minister Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai and asked him to address the May Day gathering in Public theatre in Kathmandu, to which Dr. Bhattarai readily accepted.

PM Dahal also told Bhattarai that the Indian envoy was still pressurizing him to retain Katawal or else, says Sood “await catastrophic situation in the country”.

The moot question thus again is: why Indian establishment is shielding Katawal?

What gains after all India will have upon retaining Katawal?

Or is it that Katwal has some “soft” inclination towards the Indian regime?

Questions galore!

It proves India wants to bring chaoes in Nepal. The appointment of Sujata as foreign minister and Madhav Kumar Nepal as Prime Minister is the proof of Indian grand design to destabilize Nepal and send Indian Army to capture nepal. The Dang incident is the water testing by the Indian because after the protest the RAW sponsered newspaper in the Kathmandu The Himalayan Times and annapurna Post published news saying the border encroachment issue is baseless citing the Indian embasssy in RAW's order.
But the Indian embassy issued the pres release the next day. The Indian embassy and RAw are competing to prove they are smnartly acting in teh case of Nepal.
In the editorial meeting of these newspapers one Indian embassy staff is always present and he reports to embassy.
Similarly, the RAW has recently sent its trusted man Dhruba as a journalist to Kathmandu who is seen hanging around Apca house nowdays.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Bastard Sood and Indians ill intentions their puppet journalists and newspapers

We have always said that the RAW funded newspapers in Nepal are not doing journalism but they are here to spy and misinform and mislead the Nepalese and the whole world.
The newspapers run by RAW Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post today published the distorted story. The Nepalese are raped and chased and the bastards in the Indian embassy and Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post donot see the rape. Their wives and mothers and daughters should be raped to make them understand what is rape and what is the pain of displased and chased by the police.
The Indians are terrorists and criminals. It is the proof and they have learned to rape and torture people as they were alo raped by expansionists once.
The bastard Indians are trying to misinform the people through their newspaper and its dangerous for the nationality.
Shut down Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post and ban the bastard Indians to enter Nepal.
The bastard Indian called Rakesh Sood and his countrymen shoud learn to respect Nepalese as Nepalese are not bastards like Sood and all the Indians.
The editors of these two newspapers should be shot dead in treson as they are writing against the country and their countrymen. Are these editors journalists or RAW agents and bastards like the Indians, they should be arrested and filed case against them.

The proof of Indian bastards and their height of bastardism,

KATHMANDU: A source in Indian Embassy on thursday said that the ongoing controversy on the Indo-Nepal border was baseless and fabricated.
The source maintained that the motive behind the row was to vitiate the friendly ties
between the two neighbouring countries. “We have taken up this issue with the government of Nepal. It was raised only by a section of the Nepali media and certain political organisations with vested interests. So far, no complaint has been lodged,” added the source.
There is a proper platform to hold periodic border management talks between India and Nepal. However, New Delhi has been eager to hold meeting with Kathmandu for long.
“But, Nepal has not been forthcoming on this. The only solution is to put a signature on the boundary maps by both sides. This is what India wants,” said the source.
“We request the government of Nepal to look how this frivolous and fictitious news item gained currency. It should deliberate upon this serious issue since it intends to harm the bilateral relationship,” added the source.
During an all-party meeting that was held in Dang yesterday, Roshan Pun, coordinator, Locals’ Struggle Committee, maintained that border villagers were never displaced from their native place.
But, they had launched an agitation to put pressure on the government to redress their long-standing grievances. They also agreed to return to their homes in seven days after the district administration assured them of addressing their woes at the earliest.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is this journalism? -- Its a national shame and yellow journalism

Is this journalism?
The RAW propaganda machine and its dalal journalists are twisting the fact and misreporting on national issue. Ban the RAw propaganda machine and close it.
If there is any Nepali editor in Himalayan times he should resign and expose the Indian RAW grand design or surrender to the Indians and sell his mother, wife and daughters for money.

It proves that this is RAW propaganda machine and Indian are using Nepalese journalists like toilett papers, who is the editor of this yellow journalism? shame on him and the journalists of this country.

Border villagers agree to return home
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DANG: Villagers living on the Nepal-India border areas on Wednesday agreed to return to their homes within the next seven days following assurances from the district administration to redress their grievances at the earliest.
Around 1,000 villagers have been living in the Karri community forest area for the past three days.
The Karri Community Forest Consumers’ Group members also called off their indefinite strike along the East-West Highway. The stir was slated to begin from tomorrow to protest the encroachment of forest land by locals.
An all-party meeting, held at the DAO, reached this agreement. Representatives from the displaced, Karri Community Forest Consumers’ Group, parties and mediapersons took part in the meeting. Dang CDO Rishi Ram Dhakal said that the following demands — ensuring safety and security of the border residents, providing daily basic needs and civic amenities — were conceded. Contrary to the popular perception, the aggrieved people claimed that they were never displaced in the first place. They wanted to exert pressure on the government for their safety and development work in the area.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Displaced number 2000, run out of food; Nepali land 'encroached'


SATBARIYA, Dang, June 3: Some 2000 Nepalis from villages on Nepal-India border who have been displaced due to alleged harassment by Indian border security forces are running out of the meager food stuff they brought with them.

These people from the bordering Rajpur, Koilabas, Bela and Gobardiha villages have been staying in the Kari community forest adjoining the East-West Highway in Dang district.

The number of displaced due to harassment by India´s border security force -- Sashastra Surakshya Bal (SSB) -- is increasing. Even on Tuesday, some 250 came to Satbariya. Many are still on the highway not knowing where to go.

Karma Roka, 28, of Kalyankoti in Rajpur has a supply of just half a kilogram of rice. Karma, who has two daughters, left her village on May 28 after threats from the Indian security personnel. She had 5 kg of rice then.

"I don´t know what will happen once the remaining rice is consumed," Karma told Republica. Her husband has gone to India in search of job.

These villagers have accused SSB of harassing them, especially the women. Reports surface from time to time about SSB´s "high-handedness" and notorious behavior against Nepal citizens. But neither Nepal government nor its Indian counterpart have been able to restrain the SSB.

"The Indian side harassed us because we are Nepalis and the Nepal government never bothered about us," said another displaced Deviram BK. "Either the government should ensure security in our villages or help settle us at a secure place."

Of the 22 transit points on the international border, just Koilabas and Khangi have police posts. Robbers and goons from India often raid these four villages, the displaced allege but rue that there is no protection from the district administration.

Some people get "displaced" from their villages in the hope of getting land from the government, officials of Kari community forest that occupies an area of 47o hectares, said. They also said that some of the "displaced" have started "capturing" community and private forest areas.

Indian encroachment on Nepali territory alleged

Some of the displaced also accuse the India forces of encroaching on Nepali territory, another charge that comes up frequently. While the Nepali government officials maintain a conspicuous silence, the Indian officials deny it.

Nepalis in these bordering villages have accused the SSB of shifting the border demarcation pillars toward Nepali territories.

Spokesperson of Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) Dinanath Sharma issued a press release in Kathmandu on Tuesday, condemning the "encroachment". The party has termed it an encroachment on Nepal´s sovereignty.

The press release said that India´s SSB has burnt houses, beat people, raped women in villages in Koilabas, Patauli, Siriya, Sukauli, Gurung and Bhaisahi in Dang and Jhitkaiya, Badki, Fubariya, and Basantpur in Bara district.

"Dispute about Susta, Maheshpur, Kalapani and Limpiyadhura has long prevailed," Sharma said. India´s neighboring, small and weak nations have been suffering due to its traditional, feudalistic, bullying and expansionist policy."

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Home Affairs in Kathmandu has instructed the Dang administration to conduct a field study of the displaced and report to it. It has also asked the Department of Survey to look into the complaints of shifting of border pillars.

About Nepali journalists and journalism

Nepali newspapers and journalists didnot publish the news of mass chasing of Nepalese by Indian security forces. Why?
They are paid by Indianj embassy.
They work for RAW.
They are not the son of their fathers.

Similarly, the political parties didinot raise any voice against the Indian encroachment. why?
because they can sell their mothers for few IC notes.
They are operated by Indian embassy and most of them are on payroll of RAW.
They are not the real sons of their fathers?

Let our politicians and journalists go back home and ask their mother who are their fathers?
Shame on you, Girija Madhav Nepal, and K P Oli, who doesnot want this countirs as KP has no children, Madhav's son studied on indian scholarship and will work in Indian for IC and Girija's daughetr is a bitch.
But the millions of children of Nepales wil not tolerate the Indian expansionist and raise against the Indias down with India and Indans.

End encroachment, Maoists ask India
KATHMANDU, June 3 - The Unified CPN (Maoist) on Tuesday demanded that the Indian government end encroachment of Nepali land on the border and immediate return of seized land to create an environment of peace and to maintain security situation along the border.
The Maoists also appealed to the Constituent Assembly to take up the issue of peace and security on the border, return of seized land and end to encroachment.
Maoist Spokesman Dinanath Sharma stated in a press release that there were reports of encroachment by Indian Seema Surakshya Bal in Patauli, Koilabas, Siriya, Sukouli, Gurung, Bhousahi on the border with Dang; and instances of rape and torching of houses in 20 other places such as Jhitkaiya, Badki, Fubriya,and Basantapur had caused people to flee their homes.
"India has time and again encroached Nepal's land, forcing locals to flee from their homes which is an open challenge to Nepal's national territorial integrity," said Sharma in a statement.
The press statement said that even International Relations and Human Rights Committee of the Parliament, had in its report stated that border pillars of that area too had gone missing and the land has been encroached. Sharma said the present government cannot provide security to Nepalis and protect the country. "So all nationalist citizens should unite against direct encroachment from India."

Thousands displaced as Indian forces drive Nepali families out of their villages

When Sood is meeting Girija Prasafd Koirala, his security forces are chasing Nepalese within Nepal.
What did Koirala said Sood? Bhai Saab Meri Beti ko minister Banadijiye sab Nepal le lijiye.
Down with Girija, Down with sood, Down with Indian expansionists.
Chase all the Indians and Indian companies from Nepal. All Indians are Matherchod.

The Indian border security force, Seema Surakshya Bal (SSB), has driven out hundreds of Nepali families living along Nepal-India border in west Nepal.
More than 6,000 have been displaced as SSB personnel drove Nepali families out from various bordering villages of Dang district along Nepal-India border.
Of them, 1,800 have taken refuge at the Satbariya community forest of Deukhuri, Dang after SSB encroached Nepali land and torched their homes, Kantipur daily reported.
"They torched our houses saying you can’t live here," Purna Kumari Bista, 70, of Rajpur, Dang told the daily. "We had to leave with the family to protect our lives."
She also claimed the SSB shifted border pillars some 35 metres inside Nepali land.
Villagers from some 22 entry points bordering Dang district on the Nepali side and Balarampur, Shravasti and Gonda districts on the Indian side have fled their homes.
The displaced said the SSB assaulted and raped women. "We are forced to become mute spectators when they rape our ladies," said Begaram Pun of Siriya. "More than 15 girls have already gone missing."
Even though the villagers had been facing atrocities since years, they were forced to flee when the atrocities became intolerable, the report says.
They were forced to flee after the SSB did not allow them to buy essentials in the Indian market and took away theirs, according to Cham Kumari Gharti of Khangra.
"They (used to) come to our houses brandishing guns and take away our ration and live stocks," said Gharti. "They beat us up if we tried to oppose. Probably there is nobody that has not been beaten up at least once."
The displaced have been living in make-shift tents at Karri community forest in Satbariaya.
Chief District Officer of Dang Rishi Ram Dhakal said an all-party meeting would be called soon to resolve the issue.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Indian spits venom against Nepal, China

One Indian spit venom againts Nepal and China and tried to play big brother indian. But he should understand clearly that Nepalese know that India is the biggest threat to Nepal's integrety and sovereignty and development. down with Indian expansionist.

Read the RAW propagande and Indian shit.

"If there is any threat to Nepal it is from China" - Indresh Kumar

The Maoist government took 26 important decisions during its nine-month rule and 21 of them were controversial. By and large, it was a failed government. The Maoists’ topmost agenda was to accommodate their armed cadres in Nepal army and other security forces, which was unacceptable to the nationalist citizens and the political parties there.

RSS National Executive Member and senior Pracharak Shri Indresh Kumar keeps a close watch on the developments in the whole Himalayan region. He is the inspiration behind many organisations working for the protection and development of the culture of the Himalayan region. Organiser representative Pramod Kumar spoke to him in New Delhi on recent developments taking place in Nepal. Excerpts:

How do you look at the recent political developments in Nepal?
Sometime back the election to the Constituent Assembly was held there. The objective of constituting the Constituent Assembly was not only to frame a new constitution for the new democratic republic but also to run the administration. It was not a stable or permanent government. Though, the Maoists emerged as the largest group after the election, they did not get the mandate for forming the government, as the seats they won were hardly 35 per cent of the total seats (238 out of 601). Despite the fact that the non-Maoists parties could have formed a government at that time too, they came to the conclusion that since the Maoists too struggled for democracy, they should not be denied a chance of sharing the power. Finally, a government under the leadership of Maoist leader Shri Prachanda with outside support from some smaller parties assumed the power.

The Maoist government took 26 important decisions during its nine-month rule and 21 of them were controversial. By and large, it was a failed government. The Maoists’ topmost agenda was to accommodate their armed cadres in Nepal army and other security forces, which was unacceptable to the nationalist citizens, top army officials and the political parties there. The people thought that since the activities of Maoists have been illegal, unconstitutional and undemocratic, they, if accommodated in the army, would not obey the chief of the army and would continue to follow the instructions of their political bosses. But to materialise their agenda, the Maoists adopted all kinds of unfair means including to pressurise the Nepal army chief Gen. Rookmangud Katawal. They also went to the court but did not get any relief from there. Finally, Prime Minister Prachanda, without even consulting the President and other coalition partners, tried to sack the Army chief, which was not allowed by the President Shri Ram Baran Yadav. Meanwhile, a statement came from the Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai claiming that they would dethrone the President too as they dethroned the King. It angered the Nepali people. A CD also surfaced in the media exposing the blueprint prepared by the Maoists about one and a half years back to capture the power of Nepal and also to accommodate their cadres in the army. That CD has not been disowned by the Maoists till date. This CD basically exposed the hidden agenda of the Maoists in the guise of participating in democratic process.

Now a national government under the leadership of Shri Madhav Nepal, involving 22 of the total 24 parties representing in the House, has been formed there. More than 356 members in the House of 601 have extended support to Shri Nepal. We congratulate Shri Madhav and his entire team on this occasion.

But the Maoists have taken to the streets opposing the new government.
They will naturally oppose as they have been dethroned. We should not forget that Shri Prachanda was till recently an interim Prime Minister and Speaker of the Constituent Assembly was also a Maoist. They did not want any democratic government to assume power in Nepal. They staged dharnas and organised demonstrations against this democratic process. It is wrong. The Maoists should support the democratic process in the country. Since their dictatorrial and fascist face has been exposed they created all kinds of problems in the formation of the new government.

The new national government wants to have cordial relations with neighbouring countries. They want to have better relations with India where lakhs of Nepalese live and the country also shares open border with it. But the Maoists and certain other agencies like ISI of Pakistan, China etc. do not want these relations to be cordial. These forces have been hatching conspiracies to establish their control over the whole Himalayan region, which appears to be collapsing.

What should be the role of India in this situation?
India and all other democratic forces of the world should extend full support to the new democratic government of Nepal so that Nepal could be built as a literate, developed, happy, powerful and prosperous nation.

What do you say over the removal of South Indian pujaris from the Pashupatinath temple by the Maoist regime?
This is not a good development. Let us see what steps the new government takes in this regard. Basically, that was not a right but a tradition developed centuries ago to unite the people from Indian Ocean to the Himalayan region. The pilgrimages to Dhakeshwari, Katasraj, Nankana Saheb, Jhulelal, Hinglas, etc., are still conducted to promote peace and brotherhood in the region. It is not dominance by India anwhere. The step taken by the Maoists government was wrong.

What do you expect from the new government of Nepal?
We expect the democratic values are restored, Sanatan pravah is strengthened, the downtrodden get justice and there should be no division in the society in the name of ways of worship, castes, etc. The Government of India should extend a helping hand to Nepal in its progress. I hope, Nepal, under the new government following democratic values and maintaining its ancient cultural pravah, will emerge as a powerful, happy and prosperous country where the people work unitedly for their all-round progress.

But certain forces in Nepal term any advice or help from India an interference in the internal affairs of the country. How do you look at it?
It is a sponsored propaganda on the part of the anti-India and anti-Nepal forces. It is propagated by the forces including ISI and China to widen the gap between both the countries so that they can establish their control over Nepal. It is a known fact that ISI wants to create a corridor from Pakistan to Bangladesh via Nepal. During the last 60 years, India has extended all possible help to Nepal. Therefore, this propaganda must be eliminated. Nepal and India may be two countries but they are one by soul and culture. Nepal does not have any threat from its southern side. If there is any threat it is from the north as China has already grabbed Tibet and Kailash Mansarovar and still has its eyes on Laddakh and Arunachal Pradesh of Bharat. We must be alert against all these threats.