Wednesday, June 3, 2009

About Nepali journalists and journalism

Nepali newspapers and journalists didnot publish the news of mass chasing of Nepalese by Indian security forces. Why?
They are paid by Indianj embassy.
They work for RAW.
They are not the son of their fathers.

Similarly, the political parties didinot raise any voice against the Indian encroachment. why?
because they can sell their mothers for few IC notes.
They are operated by Indian embassy and most of them are on payroll of RAW.
They are not the real sons of their fathers?

Let our politicians and journalists go back home and ask their mother who are their fathers?
Shame on you, Girija Madhav Nepal, and K P Oli, who doesnot want this countirs as KP has no children, Madhav's son studied on indian scholarship and will work in Indian for IC and Girija's daughetr is a bitch.
But the millions of children of Nepales wil not tolerate the Indian expansionist and raise against the Indias down with India and Indans.

End encroachment, Maoists ask India
KATHMANDU, June 3 - The Unified CPN (Maoist) on Tuesday demanded that the Indian government end encroachment of Nepali land on the border and immediate return of seized land to create an environment of peace and to maintain security situation along the border.
The Maoists also appealed to the Constituent Assembly to take up the issue of peace and security on the border, return of seized land and end to encroachment.
Maoist Spokesman Dinanath Sharma stated in a press release that there were reports of encroachment by Indian Seema Surakshya Bal in Patauli, Koilabas, Siriya, Sukouli, Gurung, Bhousahi on the border with Dang; and instances of rape and torching of houses in 20 other places such as Jhitkaiya, Badki, Fubriya,and Basantapur had caused people to flee their homes.
"India has time and again encroached Nepal's land, forcing locals to flee from their homes which is an open challenge to Nepal's national territorial integrity," said Sharma in a statement.
The press statement said that even International Relations and Human Rights Committee of the Parliament, had in its report stated that border pillars of that area too had gone missing and the land has been encroached. Sharma said the present government cannot provide security to Nepalis and protect the country. "So all nationalist citizens should unite against direct encroachment from India."

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