Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Indian newspaper's another propaganda

When Nepalese were beingf raped and chased in Nepal Himalayan Times was busy publishing Indian Embassy press release denying the fact of our Nepalese women being raped and chased and kidnapped but when the bloody rapist and terrorist Indian are in Nepal they are the main news in the RAW-propangada newspaper Himalayan times.
We have been maintaining that Foreign investment in newspaper is wrong aand it will weaken the nationality and its the proof. This indian journalist and his Nepali counterparts in Himalayan Times and Apca should learn how Indian newspapers lobbied for teh Indian student when they are beaten in Australia.
Shame on Nepalese journalists, they have no blood but teh water running in their vein how can they bremain silent when their daughters and mothers are being raped and kidnapped and chased,

This Indian journalist who wrote this story should be kicked out of Nepal and his wife and mother should be raped.
Close the RAW-sponsered Himalayan Times and annapurna Post .
Close Apca house and ban the editors from working in any newspapers in nepal, They are mother sellers and traitors.
Rape the bloody indian Rajan Pokhrel's wife and daughters !

Pilgrims’ progress halted
Rajan Pokhrel
KATHMANDU: Hundreds of Indian pilgrims who were headed for Kailash Mansarovar via Nepal have been stranded in Taklakot-Purang and Tatopani area of Tibet due to obstruction along the Araniko Highway for the last three days.
Air passengers too have not been able to return from Kailash area as locals have halted air services in Simikot, Humla, for the last three days demanding revision in fares. According to immigration officials, six pilgrims have died of altitude sickness since the first week of May.
Most of the pilgrims were above the age of 50.
Vijaya Poudel, chief of the Immigration Department, Tatopani border, said four bodies of Indian pilgrims had been identified.
The deceased are Sarala Devi of Ghantasala, Srikanta and Umakant of Doddaballapur and Tusar Murti of Kanpur. Meanwhile, District Police office (DPO) Humla informed that two pilgrims who died in the Kailash area were airlifted to Simikot last week.
One of the deceased had been identified as Damodar Das Agrawal of Benares.
Both the bodies were flown to India from Simikot, the DPO added.
Tenzing Norbu Lama of Sunny Travels said the locals today allowed Yeti Airlines to operate two flights for rescue operation from Humla airport.
“Stranded pilgrims will be rescued at the earliest,” Lama said.
He also appealed to the authorities to ensure pilgrims’ safe return.

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