Wednesday, June 17, 2009

EXpand the global network against Indian aggression and expose Indian Osama Bin Laden

Dear friens,

We have to expand this global campaign and expose Manmohan Singh, the new avatars of Osama Bin Laden and Terrorist country India, the new Taliban state in South Asia.
The Indian atrocities is increasing day by day and the Nepali government is engaged in power sharing, Shame on you Madhav Nepal, Girija Prasad and Bijaya Gachhedhar and Upendra yadav. These osn of bitches called yadav and Mahant Thaku want one madhes but when Indian SSb rapes Nepali daughters they don't speak that proves that they are Indian puppet like Madhav Nepal and Girija Prasad.
Shame on You, Ranm Sharan, how about if somebody rapes your wife and daughter? Still you save Indians for power or act against the rapist? Tryu to learn th eleswsons from History otherwise Nepalese people will kick you out of country and you have no right to be minister. If you are Indian dalal go to Indis present your wife to be raped by SSB and become Indian minister, don't you dare to challenge Nepalese sentiment, you asshole son of a bithc, and the global day against Indian aggression team is researching on the nepalese politicians and their childrens and wives relationships with Indian institutions and where they work except the Indian dalal nepalese journalists of Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post and other media houses and Journalists like Gpal Budhathoki who only writes about Kantipur and Nagarik and otyher newspapers but never writes about the RAW sponsered Himalayan Times and Annapurn Post and its journalists and RAW agents who work in these papers posing as journalists, Why Gopal Budhathoki, how much do you get monthly from the Indian embassy?
We are investigating you and your background also.

Global day Against Indian Aggression team

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