Friday, June 5, 2009

Bastard Sood and Indians ill intentions their puppet journalists and newspapers

We have always said that the RAW funded newspapers in Nepal are not doing journalism but they are here to spy and misinform and mislead the Nepalese and the whole world.
The newspapers run by RAW Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post today published the distorted story. The Nepalese are raped and chased and the bastards in the Indian embassy and Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post donot see the rape. Their wives and mothers and daughters should be raped to make them understand what is rape and what is the pain of displased and chased by the police.
The Indians are terrorists and criminals. It is the proof and they have learned to rape and torture people as they were alo raped by expansionists once.
The bastard Indians are trying to misinform the people through their newspaper and its dangerous for the nationality.
Shut down Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post and ban the bastard Indians to enter Nepal.
The bastard Indian called Rakesh Sood and his countrymen shoud learn to respect Nepalese as Nepalese are not bastards like Sood and all the Indians.
The editors of these two newspapers should be shot dead in treson as they are writing against the country and their countrymen. Are these editors journalists or RAW agents and bastards like the Indians, they should be arrested and filed case against them.

The proof of Indian bastards and their height of bastardism,

KATHMANDU: A source in Indian Embassy on thursday said that the ongoing controversy on the Indo-Nepal border was baseless and fabricated.
The source maintained that the motive behind the row was to vitiate the friendly ties
between the two neighbouring countries. “We have taken up this issue with the government of Nepal. It was raised only by a section of the Nepali media and certain political organisations with vested interests. So far, no complaint has been lodged,” added the source.
There is a proper platform to hold periodic border management talks between India and Nepal. However, New Delhi has been eager to hold meeting with Kathmandu for long.
“But, Nepal has not been forthcoming on this. The only solution is to put a signature on the boundary maps by both sides. This is what India wants,” said the source.
“We request the government of Nepal to look how this frivolous and fictitious news item gained currency. It should deliberate upon this serious issue since it intends to harm the bilateral relationship,” added the source.
During an all-party meeting that was held in Dang yesterday, Roshan Pun, coordinator, Locals’ Struggle Committee, maintained that border villagers were never displaced from their native place.
But, they had launched an agitation to put pressure on the government to redress their long-standing grievances. They also agreed to return to their homes in seven days after the district administration assured them of addressing their woes at the earliest.

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A.R.G said...

निकै सान्दर्भिक कुरा हो यो, अहिले यो सबै यो भारतको करामत हो। काल भैरव अरु पनि जानकारी पोष्ट गर्न अपेक्षा राख्द्छु.