Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is this journalism? -- Its a national shame and yellow journalism

Is this journalism?
The RAW propaganda machine and its dalal journalists are twisting the fact and misreporting on national issue. Ban the RAw propaganda machine and close it.
If there is any Nepali editor in Himalayan times he should resign and expose the Indian RAW grand design or surrender to the Indians and sell his mother, wife and daughters for money.

It proves that this is RAW propaganda machine and Indian are using Nepalese journalists like toilett papers, who is the editor of this yellow journalism? shame on him and the journalists of this country.

Border villagers agree to return home
Last Updated : 2009-06-04 12:01 AM

The Himalayan Times - Saved Articles(s)

DANG: Villagers living on the Nepal-India border areas on Wednesday agreed to return to their homes within the next seven days following assurances from the district administration to redress their grievances at the earliest.
Around 1,000 villagers have been living in the Karri community forest area for the past three days.
The Karri Community Forest Consumers’ Group members also called off their indefinite strike along the East-West Highway. The stir was slated to begin from tomorrow to protest the encroachment of forest land by locals.
An all-party meeting, held at the DAO, reached this agreement. Representatives from the displaced, Karri Community Forest Consumers’ Group, parties and mediapersons took part in the meeting. Dang CDO Rishi Ram Dhakal said that the following demands — ensuring safety and security of the border residents, providing daily basic needs and civic amenities — were conceded. Contrary to the popular perception, the aggrieved people claimed that they were never displaced in the first place. They wanted to exert pressure on the government for their safety and development work in the area.

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chasing_che said...

fucki9ngly shamefulk news paper.i m gonna burn its offfice........take my words seriously..........i surely will burn it one day............