Saturday, August 29, 2009

What do Madheshi parties want?

What do Madheshi parties want?
Do they want to divide this country like LETTE wanted in Sri Lanka, Then they are a gone case. Nepal will remain united and they will be finished like LETTE. Otherwise Nepali is the official language of Nepal and every citizen has to respect it. The mother, motherland and mother tongue is same. The Madheshi parties want to sell their mother for a few IC? or They think that Indian will let them to power by raising Hindi issue.
They should know that Hindi is discarded even in India. Hindi is not the issue madhesh parties are raising they are trying to appease the Indian establishment and sell their motherland for few ICs but tomorrow what answer do they give o their children, if there is no Nepal, there will be no Madhesh and no Mahanta Thakur and no Parmananda and Hridayeash or any one there will be only bihari yadavs and their dadagiri.

Save Nepal save Nepali. Lets remain united and don't fal in trap of the RAW trap that wants to divide Nepal.

Those five Madhesi parties that have jointly asked Vice President Parmananda Jha not to retake oath as ordered by the Supreme Court and not to quit from the post are and cannot be the sons of their fathers.

How can they ask Jha to wait until the Interim Constitution is amended to allow oath-taking in a preferred language. Tomorrow if anyone takes oath in Chinese how will you take it? Aren't you giving room for every foreigner to paly in this land? Why preferred language why not mother tongue?
You all matherchod..why do you want to fuck your mother and leek the boot of Indian bastards, they are blody rapist and terrorists. Theie SSB, police and Army have raped your daughters and wives and still your are leeking their boot instead of fucking their ass. Wake up and be Nepali and united.
The RAW propaganda machine Himalayan Times and annapurma Post is supporting te Hindi campaign because they are in Nepal to spy not to do journalism. They are here to keep record of every bureaucrats and politicians and their children so that they can be sent to scholarships to India and buy information.
These RAW propaganda machine should be banned and closed otherwise they will start disctribute money like the Indian consulate does in Birgunj and start protesting in kathmandu for Hindi and make this country another Bhutan.
Beware Madhesh leaders don't be fool.

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