Monday, August 17, 2009

Indian Embassy don't meddle in nepali affair

With the backing of Indian embassy and Rakesh Sood, Paramananda Jha is still disobeying the Supreme COurt and the government. It shows that Jha is mad and how can a mentally sick person be a vice-president?
He has to pay back all teh salaries and benefits he took during his illegal and unconstitutional stay in the post. It proves that he is not nepali he doesnot obey Nepal's constitution and law.
Therefore he is Indian son of a bitch like Rakesh Sood and mad. all Indian are mad and Jha is also mad. He knows only money and if he gets money he will sell his daughter, wife and even mother like Rakesh Sood and all Indians daughter seller, wife seller and mother sellers terrorists.
Down with criminal and terrorist Jha.
Down with Indian terrorists.
The terrorist Indian have run newspapers funded by RAW. and that has not published this news because they are planning to publish a hindi newspaper in Nepal from Terai to fuel the Madheshi pahade politics that was not heard before the RAW-propaganda machine Himalayan times and Annapurna Post came to Nepal in 2002.
Jha is every day in contact with the RAW personal in Himalayan Times in Anamnagar for next move because his moves is directed from the apca house and the RAw personal working in apca in the name of journalists.

Read the sample of Jha's madness:

Taking oath in Nepali a must for Jha: Govt

(Updated with details)

KATHMANDU, Aug 17: Following a long-standing row over oath-taking by Vice President Paramananda Jha, a cabinet meeting on Monday requested Jha to take his oath of office and secrecy as vice president in the Nepali language as ordered by the Supreme Court.
The cabinet meeting took a decision to this effect with a view to respecting the SC ruling and urged Jha to abide by that ruling.
Minister for Law and Justice Prem Bahadur Singh said Monday´s cabinet meeting took three key decisions concerning the oath row. First, it decided to ask Jha in writing to respect the court´s verdict and take the oath in Nepali while also urging him to forward his consent over the issue to the government.
The cabinet likewise sought his consent on a time schedule for oath-taking in Nepali.
Secondly, the cabinet decided to furnish the government´s reply to the apex court regarding preparations for administering oath to Jha in Nepali as required by the SC. Thirdly, the cabinet decided to table a bill to amend the interim constitution and ensure the right to take one´s oath in one´s mother tongue if and when needed.
The SC had last week ordered the government, President Ram Baran Yadav and Vice President Jha to furnish their replies to the apex court on preparations being made for administering the oath to Jha in Nepali as per the provision of the interim constitution and the ruling of the court.
“The cabinet meeting reached the conclusion that everybody should respect the court´s ruling and decided to resolve the controversy over Jha´s oath-taking accordingly,” Law Minister Singh said, adding, “As per the cabinet decision, the government on Monday sent a letter to Jha seeking his reply whether he is ready to act according to that decision.”
Minister Singh informed that the government also sent a letter to President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav, attached to a copy of the government decision regarding the issue.
The letter was sent to President Yadav in reply to the letter sent earlier to the government seeking information on the latter´s preparations.
Meanwhile, the cabinet also decided to furnish a reply to the SC through the Office of the Attorney General. “The government is committed to respecting and following the SC verdict and administer oath to Jha in Nepali and preparations are going on accordingly,” Singh said quoting the reply sent to the court.
The Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers sent the reply to the SC immediately after the cabinet decision Monday. In its reply to the court the prime minister´s office has also enclosed a copy of the decision sent to Jha.
Meanwhile Jha said that he will decide whether or not to take oath in Nepali after formally receiving the cabinet´s decision. "Let the government decide what it wants; I will take my own decision later", Jha told
Seventh amendment to constitution. Why do we need amendmend now, aren't we goping to write constitution.
The best solution and to make Madheshi Gaddhars why not make rakesh sood vice-president. Hridayesh Tripathi and all yadavs will be very happy but will a country run like this. Where were these Madheshi right vocalists when King was in power and they were also in government and looting Nepalese money.

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