Saturday, August 22, 2009

Madhav Nepal failed to warn terrorist Man Mohan Singh 'Stop speading terror in Nepal borders, 'behave well'

Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has said one of the major concerns India has with Nepal is the flow of fake Indian currency to India through Nepal.
The other two concerns are Nepal’s being used for terrorist activities directed at India and the use of madrasas for anti-India activities. But Nepal failed to tell the terrorists and rapist Manmohan Singh that the Indian SSB and his chelas are terrorising the Nepalese in the border and helping criminal gangs by supplying arms to destabilize Nepal in the Terai.
All the Terai outfits are supported by India and Madhav Kumar Nepal failed to warn terrorist leader Man Mohan Singh that he better stop the arms supply to Terai criminals and direct their SSb to behave well with Nepalese.
According to estimates, four out of every thousand Indian Rs. 1,000 denomination notes are fake and Nepal is a major conduit for them. Indians themselves are involved in fake note trading.
Nepal also failed to warn terrorist Singh to stop RAW activities in Nepal and close Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post that is lobbying for Hindi in Nepal as their Game plan. The RAW officials in these supposedly newspapers are starting another operation in Terai. They are planning to publish newspaper in Hindi from Biratnagar to divide Nepal according to RAW's Game Plan.
Down with Indian hegemony. Nepal will always remain united and strong. The RAW conspirators will be arerested and sent back to India, if they donot stop their criminal activities under the cover of newspapers and journalism, the Nepalese will padlock these RAW agencies and arrest bloody Indians.

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