Thursday, August 13, 2009

RAW report on Parmananda Jha

The government of a Indian stoog Madha Kumar Nepal is ready to compromise with Gushananda the son of a bitch Parmananda Jha because it is anti-Nepal and an agent of India. Madhav Kumar Nepal and his cabinet is not obeying the Supreme Court Order and is trying to find the illegal and unconstitutional day to save Jha. WHY?
How much money Parmananda Jha paid tyo Madhav Kumar Nepal to keep him as vice-president?
How much Indian embassy and the rapist, terrororist and murderer Rakesh Sood forced Madhav Kumar Nepal?
Is Madhav Kumar Nepal a real son of his father or is he an Indian's illegal son?
Why is the government likely to move Supreme Court on veep oath row as reported by the RAW propaganda machine Himalayan times,
Shut down such RAW machinary to save Nepal.
here is what RAW reports in HImalayan Times,,

An informal meeting of nine ruling parties today discussed the possibility of requesting the Supreme Court to review its latest decision on Vice President Parmananda Jha’s oath taken in Hindi last year.
The meeting also explored the possibility of amending the interim constitution to ensure that a person holding a constitutional position could take the oath of office and secrecy in a language of his/her choice.
The meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal at the PMO in Singha Durbar and attended by the ruling partners, mainly focussed on the political crisis resulting from the apex court’s latest verdict on Jha’s oath. According to the interim constitution, the President and Vice-President should take oath in Nepali. The apex court termed Jha’s oath unconstitutional.
Sadbhavana Party chief Rajendra Mahato, who is also the Minister for Commerce and Industries, told mediapersons at the end of the meeting that the Supreme Court could be asked to review its verdict against the vice-president and the interim constitution could be amended to make sure that a person holding such a high post could take the oath of office and secrecy in the language of his/her choice. He claimed that the parties had reached a theoretical understanding to pursue both the options.
CP Mainlai, general secretary of the ruling CPN-ML, however, said nothing was discussed on that lines. He said a 22-party meeting scheduled for Friday morning might discuss the issue. Mainali added that the Madhes-based parties could come up with a proposal to this effect. But the parties, other than NC nad UML, are believed to have opposed amending the interim constitution and have objected to the idea of asking the apex court to review its decision.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Works and Physical Planning Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar also said there were only options for the government to settle the row between the Supreme Court and the Vice-President. A UML source said it was Vice President Jha who should appeal to the apex court for reviewing its verdict against him.

SC wants govt to explain its inaction

KATHMANDU: The Supreme Court today directed the government to explain why fresh ceremony to administer the oath of office and secrecy to Vice President Parmananda Jha had not been held.
The apex court also told the government authorities ‘ the Office of the President, the Office of the Vice-President and the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet ‘ to explain within seven days whether the Vice President is ready to take fresh oath in Nepali or not. The bench has scheduled the final hearing on August 23.
A full bench of Justices Top Bahadur Magar, Ram Kumar Prasad Saha, Kalyan Shrestha, Prem Sharma and Bharat Raj Uprety directed the government to explain why its verdict issued
on July 24 had not been implemented.
The apex court asked the government what initiatives it had taken in order to implement the verdict.
The bench added that the Vice President had to take oath in Nepali before assuming office as per Article 36 (I) (2) Schedule 1A of the interim constitution.
Jha could not be contacted for comments. However, his legal counsel Mithilesh Kumar Singh said Jha was not ready to take oath in Nepali.

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