Sunday, September 6, 2009

RAW, terrorist and rapist Rakesh Sood, Pashupatinath row, Himalayan Times, Annapurnal Post

The Pashupatinath priests row and Hindi language row in Nepal is a RAW agenda and it is propagated by some RAW paid journalists and the RAW propaganda machine Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post.
These are not the newspapers and as we have from the very begining maintained that they are directed by the RAW staff in Indian embassy.
On Wednesday, RAW staff from Indian Embassy and Himalayan Times RAW-supported journalists had meeting. Ajay Bhadra Khanal, Rajan Pokhrel, Kamal Acharya, Arjun Bhandari and the RAW agent Dhrub Painley were in the meeting on how to take the Hindi language row and Pashupatinath's Indian priest issue and highlight it to create divide in the Nepali society.
The analysis of the meeting was that the Indian game plan in Nepal is heading to success. The newspaper succeeded to create divide in the Madheshi and Pahade issue now the major issue is Hindu versus non-Hindu so that it would be easy for the Indian army to enter Nepal to maintain security.
They have been suceeded in creating more arms outfit in Terai with monetary and arms support from the Birgunj counsulate. Similar, they are now in the mission to have more journalists on their side to support their game plan.
They have started massive recruitment plan for the nepali journalists to write the news on their support.
The Indian ambassodar Rakesh Sood's threatening to Minendra Rijal and other ministers is another indication what is India planning in Nepal. The terrorist and rapist Sood's grand design is to turn Nepal into Adghanistan. He has to be expelled immediately for the security of the country.
According to the Indian agency's report also the armed outfits operating in Terai are supported by the Indian leaders and states, but the RAW and Indian central government has engineered it from the back.
Government should shut down Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post and arrest the RAW agents immediately for the security and sovereignty of Nepal.

Expel terrosist and rapist Rakesh Sood and all Indian Priests from Pashupati temple for the sovereignty of the country. It is the religious and linguistic colonialism, throw it.


cleanyog said...

dear nepali kalbhairav,

why cannot you ask your government to stop taking all assitants you are getting from india. you want to by selective way of life that doesnot happen in todays society. you seems to be cowrd fellow who takes the name of lord kal bhairav and writes nasty thoughts. Instead of blaming india for every incident happening there in nepal better put your house in order if you have that capability. india has been doing so many things for nepal and you ungrateful creature takes the name of Lord kalbhairva to hide your nasty face. pl come out with your proper name and write something what you want to. i must mention here india belives in fundamental right of expressions by its largest democracy in the world. you better understand what you write.
did u understood ?

jr... said...

I read couple of articles in the blog & I can sense an anti india smell in it. But I dont know how its going to do wid the indian politics. See there are much bigger issues India has than to Nepal which is really a burden to us. Secondly i can feel your love for China, in that case we dont bother ur chinese friend as we know that if u allow china to come in Nepal, it will be a tibtan repeat telecast.. so its better to resolve internal isues of your own & sought our help if required and adopt a live n let live policy.

jr... said...
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