Tuesday, May 5, 2009

'India encouraged Prez to take 'unconstitutional move'

A Central Secretariat member of Unified CPN (Maoist) has claimed that President Ram Baran Yadav overturned the government's decision to sack Army chief Rookmangud Katawal coming under pressure from foeign power centers and that it has put the constitution making and peace process in serious jeopardy.
He further said that the Maoists will protest the "unconstitutional move" both in the parliament and in the streets, but assured that they will be peaceful.
"The president nullified the decision of sacking the army chief coming under pressure from foreign powers," claimed Lilamani Pokharel at a program organized by Revolutionary Journalist's Association in Nepalgunj Monday.
Upon asked who was he referring to by "foreign power centers", he said that the President was encouraged to take an "unconstitutional move" in the direction of the India.
The remark by the Maoist leader comes at a time when the former rebel party has already decided to challenge the President's move in the court and launch protest against it both in the parliament and the street.
Maintaining that the President's move has encroached upon the rights of the people, he said the new round of dispute seen between the government and President will overshadow the main task of constitution drafting, state restructuring and the entire peace process.
He also dared political parties who he said encouraged the President to take the "unconstitutional move" to garner support of 301 members that is needed to form a new government.
Pokharel, however, assured that the Maoist People's Liberation Army won't leave the UN-monitored cantonment even till the last hour, reiterating that Maoists are committed towards the peace process.

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