Thursday, May 21, 2009

The cat is out of Bag

Rishi Dhamala the RAW agent who supplies all the informations to the Indian embassy as we have always been saying writes for another RAW propaganda machine as who have been saying.
And its no surprise for us as we have been constantly watching the movements of the Mr Dhamala, who is most of the time in APCA house and reports to Indian embassy.
Like it is said the cat is out of the bag, Mr Dhamala and the RAW propaganda machine and their propaganda against Nepal is once more exposed.
Shut down the RAW propaganda machine and punish Mr Dhamala and his accomplises otherwise they will be finished like Lamil Tigers of Sri Lanka. Lamil Tigers was also RAW creation to create instability in Sri Lanka. Hail Sri Lanka for its war against all such anti-national elements. Nepal government also should crush all those who are creating disturbances and instability in Nepal in the name of one Madhesh one Pradesh.

The unfortunate politics of convenience Can’t dignified method replace it?

Rishi Dhamala
(the Jocker who cannot even write in Nepali writes in English. Not surprising as it might be written by RAW agent from Indian embassy and published in teh name of Mr Dhamala in their own propaganda machine. Down with RAW, down with Indian imperialism and expansionism)

Nepal has attracted world attention following the downfall of the Maoist led government. There is a hurried bid to give it a political color. There are some political parties and people who say that it is because of Indian interference. But is it an indicator of interests in Nepal or interference? There has to be debate and understanding of the issue rather than pass judgement on your own.
The world community is time and again referring to the need to come up with timely drafting of the constitution before the peace process is taken to its logical conclusion and the nation embarks on rapid economic growth path. With this as backdrop, it would be misleading to allege the Indian side of interference.
The world community has always been a well wisher in the democratization movement of Nepal. They have been helping the cause of Nepalese democratization process while also backing unity among political parties by stressing on reconciliation. Advice and suggestions from foreign friends come in useful in such circumstances. They cannot be called interferences. The nation is currently on the verge of crafting a new government. This is leading to talks between parties at various levels.
The main issue is about sustainable peace. What will happen if the nation does not produce a constitution on time? This is one question bothering foreign friends as well.
The international attention towards Nepal has shot up following the ouster of the Prachanda-led government and the video expose. The attention is understandable since foreign friends play an important role in the Nepalese peace process and economic development. The concern shown by them in this connection should not be deemed as unnatural.
The international attention is also understandable given the way the UCPN-Maoist leadership has not implemented the commitment demonstrated vis-a-vis the peace process following the ten-year long insurgency before going on to lead the government.
While the Maoists can by all means misleadingly bill the foreign interest as naked interference but that is far from the truth. What is true is the Maoists too have attracted foreign support and cooperation. In fact, UCPN-Maoist is the leading party which is getting such support from India. None other than the Maoist leader Prachanda himself has conceded that he had spent many years in India during the insurgency even as it is also true that the 12-point deal was signed in India.
One cannot also under-estimate the role played by India in the conduct of elections to the Constituent Assembly. Yes, there may be certain issues which have failed to bring about convergence of views between Nepal and India. But there are certain procedures and norms which can lead to their resolution.
Historically speaking, India has always extended cooperation and sympathy to Nepalese democratic forces and their campaigns. But, instead of reciprocal cooperation, sympathy and liberal attitude India is being looked on with suspicion, which cannot be justified on any ground. This is pathetic. No nation can race ahead with blind nationalism as the credo.
One cannot deny the Indian role in the democratization of Nepal. The records are there for anyone to delve into and get at the reality. So much so that the Indian assistance had come forth while the Maoists were leading the government. Maoists were not enjoying majority in the constituent assembly; it was just the single largest party.
The Indian side had lobbied for the Maoist led government. Much of what is involved becomes evident from the way Prime Minister Prachanda had invited special Indian envoy to Nepal. This is reflected in his subsequent interview.
Meanwhile, what cannot be accepted as political character is the act of flaying something when it is not favorable and appreciating something when the same is in favor. Prachanda undertook two visits to India while still in office. He went on to say that Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani were his guardians. But he spat venom at the Indian leaders while resigning out of office. The point here is he should have dealt with the Indian side in the diplomatic front by striking a desired deal. It does not behove of him to decry the Indian side in the open streets.
Prachanda is still the stand in prime minister. But, he is going on speaking against India forgetting the basic diplomatic norms. His failure meanwhile lies in the fact that he could not take into confidence the diplomatic mechanism existing in the South Block. He cannot compensate his setback even if he tries hard now. One does not simply need to burn the effigy of any ambassador to uphold the national interest while also boosting national pride. It is but a cheap form of protesting the moves of a diplomat.
The writer does not have any intention to boost the Indian cause. If we are to institutionalize our new born republican system we will have to strike excellent relationships with India, China, the US and the EU. Diplomatic norms do not approve of politics of convenience whereby one can flay and hail in the same breathe.

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