Monday, May 4, 2009

How was Maoists forced to sep down

The peace process of Nepal is now in trouble and India pushed Nepal into another conflict. Indian never wanted and wants peaceful Nepal. It didnot supported King Birendra's propose of peace state in the past too. Because it wants to occupy Nepal's water resources and other natural resources that is possible when there is instability and conflict. So, it can play a peace maker and big brother. But Big brothers is naked this time when Maoists resigned by not bowing to their pressure.
Six indian agents arrived to force the president dr Ram baran yadav to go against the consitituion and back Katwal. UML's Jhalnath Kahnal, Madhav Nepal and KP oli and Girija were in their regular touch from the Indian embassy and the RAW agents who came to Kathmandu for the mission.
They came as journalists of the media house that has Indian investment and operated from there and planned the downfall of maoist government because they stood against the wish of Indian expansionist.
The villains of Nepal's peace rajendra dahal and Biddhyadhar Mallik forced the president to write the letter that was drafted by the army. The RAW agents Rajednra Dahal and Biddhyadhar Mallik directed from Apca House and Indian Embassy.
India pushed nepal into the chaoes and Maoists slapped on India's face by not pleading to save their power and stepped down.
It is a great slap into Indian expansionists face that don't meddle in Nepali politicas.
The Apca house is the shelter for such agents and their agency people where they pose as journalist and direct the parties and their leaders what to do. The parties funded and run by RAW UML and Nepali Congress thought they won.
the journalists of the big media houses who are on payroll of Indian embassy didinot understand that the resignation was a slap to them as well that Nepal can handle its matters itself and donot need to bow down to India for power.
The big newspapers house like Apca should be closed to stop RAW operations and help the weekly newspapers like us to survive for the nation and sovereignty. Indian were slaves and are still slaves of Americans and british but they try to shoe dadagiri to small countries like nepal and Bhutan to show their mascularity like a drunk and impotent husband beats wife to shoe his bravity. The impotent Indian should learn that Its a
Down with journalists working for Indian and selling their mothers and sisters to Indians for money.
Down with impotent Indian Expensionist and its dadagiri.
Lets kick all the Indian out of this country and close the RAW propaganda machines like Indian embassy and Apca house. They are cancer for Nepal.

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