Monday, October 13, 2008

Some masala

1. Again India did the trick. It provided buses for the Constituent Assembly Members. But why is not paying the Koshi victims and other Nepalese. And interested on providing bus to the constituent assembly members and the Maoist government has accepted happily. That proves Prachanda and company are the Indian stooge and they were used by India to disintegrate the Nepal.
Shame on You Prachand and Baburam. What will the dead Maoists will say if they can speak?

2. The Indian embassy is said to be behind the break up of Binod Gyawali and Narayan Wagle-Prateek Pradhan newspaper venture. Now they are bringing separate english and Nepali newpapers. Embassy ordered Gyawali to have Yubraj Ghimire instead of Narayan and Prateek.

3. The Himalayan Times is doing a survey secretly either to close the newspaper or not because the mission of RAW is complete and they are successful in disnitegrating Nepalese minds and hearts and separating Nepal into various caste and ethnicity like Madheshis and pahades, which was not heard before this RAW propaganda machine started in Nepal.

4. The Himalaya Times has a new editor whose name is Dhruv Painly but publicly it is said that Ajaya Khanal is editor and there is a fight over the power and supremacy, who controls the newspapers. Some even call it RAW and CIA fight. But who is RAW and who is CIA the staff are confused.

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