Saturday, November 1, 2008

Indian police gang rape two Nepali women

Policemen in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) gang-raped two of the six Nepali women taken into custody from Gorakhpur railway station last Tuesday evening, the Kathmandu Post reported Saturday. The women were on their way to New Delhi from where they hoped to fly to a Gulf country for employment.
According to the report, five UP policemen took the women, who had reached Gorakhpur via Sunauli border town together with two Nepali youths, to Mallika Hotel situated near the station for 'interrogation' and later raped them.
Inspector General of Police in Gorakhpur area Harish Chandra Kasyap told the Post that the two guilty policemen have been suspended and action has been initiated against them. He said action will be taken against three other policemen involved in the case.
The Post also quoted M.P Sharma of Nepali Janadhikar Security Committee that the policemen had threatened to kill anyone who would dare to make public the incident and also demanded Rs 30,000 for the release of the women.
The Indian embassy in Kathmandu is paying all the journalists not to write news against Indian hegemony. However, some news are printed in the Nepali media nowadays.
Still they have set up a newspaper called The Himalayan Times to identify and manipulate the Nepali journalists. This newspapers primary goal is to identify the anti-Indian journalists and bribe them. Not only that the newspaper sends gifts to all the police officials and government officials on every occasion. Everyone who knows this newspaper knows that its a RAW propoganda machine set up to spy over Nepali bureaucrats and security officials.

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