Friday, August 22, 2008

Koshi havoc carelessness of India and its attitude towards Nepal

India has not paid Gandak victims its not a news anymore.
As India's attitude towards Nepal has created another graver casualty Koshi Flood. More than 50,0000 pople lost their land and house and property and over hundred died and are still missing thanks to India.
India is great murderer, its yet another proof.
Today, a team inspecte the flooded area and concluded that its has happened due to India's carelessness and dadagiri attitude to Nepal and Nepalese. According to the treaty its India's responsibility to maintain the barrage but India is busy providing ambulances to collect the dead bodies. Its Indian favourite hobby to give ambulances as it loves the dead ones.
India fears Nepal because this tiny nationa can be a challenge to it tomorrow, if it is left alone to operate by itself. Thus, India has APCA and all other spy agencies working in Nepal for the information collection and demoralizing Nepalese.
Otherwise why Nepal One and UTL staff are on strike for months and Indian embassy is busy forcing Prachanda not to go to China.
Madarchodoo....shambhaljaoooo.....down with expansionist India and its grand designs.

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