Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sood is not paying Gandak victims and not helping Nepal One

Sood is not paying Gandak victims and not helping Nepal One.

But On the occasion of the 62nd Independence Day of India, the Indian Government donated properties worth Rs 3 million to hospitals, organisations and academic institutions in the country on Friday.

But has it paid the compensation to Gandal Victims?
NO. And it never pays also because its the country of frauds.

India granted about 30 ambulances, 8 buses, books and other study material to various Nepali organisations today.
Why does it give ambulances because its also pays the terai outfit to kill so to ferry dead bodies Nepal needs ambulances. Its a guilty concience of Indian authority that they helped terai output to kill so many Npalese.

Indian Ambassador to Nepal, Rakesh Sood handed over the vehicles and the supplies to the concerned bodies this morning during a function held at the Indian Embassy in the capital.
But the news doesnot says how many scholarships it gave to the sons and daughters of ministers and secretaries and police officers to bribe them.

Meanwhile, Consul General T Ashok handed over ambulances and buses to half dozens of hospitals and schools in Birgunj.
Mr Ashok also distributed cash and always distributes cash to the suspicious people in Birgunj top create disturbances and destroy the infrastures in Nepali side in Birgunj. It is the sole investor of Madhesh Janadhikar Forum.

Another interesting matter is that Sood said he can do nothing to nepal One's jourbnalists. Why is he here in Nepal Then ? What can he do? Do we need Indian embassy in Kathmandu?
One of the journalist of Nepal One said: Sood and Indian Embassy is not necessary because every operation in Nepal is carried out by APCA and its publications Annapurna Post and The Himalayan Times.
It is expansionist India's new enbassy run by South Block.

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