Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tharus and Madhesi: Who are from Terai

Tharu community takes to streets to protest Madhesi demand. The Nepali media that is run by the Indian embassy in lainchor is not giving enough space to their news but to make their masters happy blow the madhesi news.
What is madhes and whose is madhes?

Tharu community staged a demonstration in the capital on Saturday aganist the demand for a single state to the entire southern plains laid out by Terai-based parties at the parliament.

The Tharu community took out the protest, saying that the political bickering fuelled by the Indian embassy and its stooges at the parliament to make the Terai region one state has put the glory of the land, where the Tharu community have been living for thousands of years and shed sweat or blood, in dire situation.

The agitating Tharu community also warned that the decision to allow the migrant Madhesi community to rule and oppress the indigenous community of Terai ( Tharu Community) would invite a calamity.

The Tharu community demanded that the attempt to convert all the people living in the Terai region Madhesis by ending the diversity of various religion, culture, language and communal be stopped at the earliest.

They also warned to launch a strong protest in the 24 Tarai districts from now on if the attempt was not halted.

The Terai-based parties have been obstructing Constituent Assembly proceedings to press their demands to declare the entire Terai region as a single state, why and for whom? What about Tharus who are living for centyries and those who migrated from Bihar 10 years ago are claiming the land The Terai and want madhesh supported by the anti-national foreigners and nepali elements.


maya said...

It strikes me as a bit odd, really, that while you call yourself the care-taker of Nepal, you blame India for all of Nepal's problems. If you were such a good care-taker, Nepal wouldn't have any problems to blame India for, now, would it? It's convenient to write a pompous-ass blog under a pseudonym that no one can trace back to you, in which you attack India and its representatives. Try going and being an ambassador to a difficult, politically unstable country like Nepal and see what it's like to actually work there, rather than sitting on your posterior and rant and rave.

P.S.- For someone who works in publishing, you really need someone to proofread and edit your blog. Just, you know, for your information.

Anonymous said...

Is this Maya a mistress or what they call in thier language Rakhail or Sood?
Why does she defend that son of a bitch? Is she a Nepali? Otherwise every single Nepali knows Indian basterds and their ill-intentions towards Nepal and Nepalese. They sign but donot act, from Gandak, Koshi to Panchaeshwor to recent agreement with Gandak-victims? Who are they fooling? Does this basterd Sood knows that India has recently agreed to pay compensation to Gandak victims. Why is he not paying them till date and instead paying them these basterd is distributing his sons in Terai to creat instability?
Everyone has to answer. Don't forget, Nepalese are not fool.
I like this blog Keep it up, whoever you are. But write regularly.

maya said...

The fact that you have nothing better or more concrete to say than call me a "rakhail" proves beyond doubt that you are a pompous, bigoted, narrow-minded asshole who can't think beyond a certain level, and that's why you stoop to such a low level. You cannot tolerate the fact that alot of people actually think Ambassador Sood is doing a good job - no, you want everyone to think like you do, right? And anyone who dares to think differently must be some "rakhail". Moreover, you seem to think that all Nepalis must necessarily have the same views about things (namely, your views), and anyone who doesn't is not Nepali. I think you need to go over the concept of "DEMOCRACY" one more time. And realize the fact that even a Nepali can think an Indian is doing good work. And that person is not any less Nepali for thinking that.
On another note, you use all kinds of abusive language for Indians, when you don't even know how to spell the words you like to use, nor do you know how to punctuate your sentences. It's actually difficult for me to reply to you. First, because your comment is so badly written, and secondly, because I can't stop laughing at how pathetic you are. I am not defending Ambassador Sood, because I don't think I need to - his work can speak for him. I am defending his work because I think it is good. Try to understand the difference, and in the future, try to keep your views on such things objective and not personal. If you have a problem with someone's work, go ahead and argue. But if you get personal and abusive, no one, I repeat NO ONE is going to take you seriously.