Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Abrogate Gandak Treaty

On June 23, a BJP leader accused Nepal of not releasing Gandak waters. A leader of Indian opposition party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has asked the Union government of India to persuade Nepal government to immediately release water in the Gandak river for irrigation in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.
But he should press Indian government to pay compensationto the victimized Nepalese from teh Gandak river. Instead of pressurising the Indian government he accusses nepali poor farmers.
Indiam embassy in Kathmandu can donate money and vehicles to the elite community but never pays the compensation to the poor farmers in Gandak and encroach land in susta.
If one visits Mahakali, Susta, Gandak, Koshi or Putali sadak the UTL office, the Indian hegemony can be seen every where. What do they think of nepal and nepali and how do they treat their small neighbour, it open secret.
But the interesting fact is that the Nepali government and political partieas are mum, as if they are dumb. Down with nepali political parties and Indian expansionist.

The Nepal government stopped the flow of water into the river and hence the canal is running dry affecting agriculture in UP and Bihar," BJP UP unit president Ramapati Ram Tripathi said, according to Indian media reports.
But he forgot that the farmers are on hunger strike and want compensation for they are living with fear every day every night. Why don't you pay compensation according to the treaty signed between India and Nepal.

He alleged that the Indian government was neglecting its national interest under pressure from the Left, since the Nepal government is dominated by the Left-wing parties. The left in India are experimenting in Nepal on how to establish the left rule in India.

Gandak, which originates in Nepal, feeds the Gandak canal and lakhs of farmers in the four eastern UP districts of Gorakhpur, Kushinagar, Maharajganj and Deoria and some areas in Bihar solely depend on it for irrigation. Indians benefit from the Gandak but Nepalese are left to die without compensation.

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