Friday, May 2, 2008

Scrap 1990 Indo-Nepal Treaty immediately

Scrap 1990 Indo-Nepal Treaty immediately.
Don't listen the expansionist Indian frauds.
Communist Party of India Marxist (CPI-M) Sita Ram Yechury today suggested Nepalis to form the new government after the new constitution is being written and only talk of review of 1990 treaty between India and Nepal. How dare he suggest such foolish idea?
If this government can in the transition period do Karnali agreement and Aun-III agreement that have long term effect and impact in Nepal's politics and economy then why not cancel 1990 treaty that India is also ready to cancel.
Yechuri is visiting Nepal to fool Nepalese and buy time so Nepalese political parties and people will 1990 treaty. Let is be clear Nepalese are no fool and They donot need the fraud like Yechuri's suggestion. If he can do anything please keep quite, otherwise, Nepalese people have thrown the 250-years monarchy and they can throw every fraud Indians from Nepal.
Lets scrap 1990 treaty right here right now. Lets not be fooled bhy expansionisat Indian, who preach democracy but are the largest autocrats and dictators in the world.

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