Monday, May 26, 2008

Rakesh Sood is going to burn his hands

Stay away or You'll burn your hands Mr Sood. (Is it Sood or Soodra)
Now he is going to spoil the relationship between Nepal and India and burn his hands. Non other than Indian amvassodar, Mr Rakesh Sood is going to pay for his verbal diaherria. He should be sent back immediately as he is crossing the diplomatic norms and trespessing the integrety of a sovereign country.
Trespasserts should be prosecuted.
He again barked: Maoists have the mandate. It will be proper to let the Maoists lead the government as per the mandate of the Constituent Assembly (CA) election. What mandate does he have to bark?
How can India not back a democratic forces and back ultra leftist?
Because they think that Nepal Congress and UML cannot give them anything anymore. Its Maoists, who will give them the rivers. So, they are now barking like a dog when it sees its owner.
All the Indian dogs; from Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh to Foreign Monister Pranab Mukherjee to ambassodar Sood are circiling around the Maoists for a piece of bone that is Nepal's river and its sovereignty.
The second reason is they want to take the credit of the revolution that the Nepalese people successfully completed and is gioing to be republic.
But history is the proof that Indian are opportunitists. Their foreign policy is based on opportunistic values and fraudelent.
They are and will be circiling around anyone who is in power. No wonder once they used to praise Nepali Congress, than UML then King and now the Moaists.

Sood barks that the Maoists have the responsibility of leading the government by taking on board other parties.
Barking at a programme after laying the foundation stone of a school building in Arwabijay VDC in Kaski, Sood barkerd that the issue for whether to amend the constitution to state that a government can be formed/dissolved on the basis of simple majority is for leaders of Nepal to decide.
And he thinks he is the leader os this country.
Sent this mad fraud Indian back to India or he is going to burn his hands and Nepal India relationship will see a new twist.
Sood should be banned to go outside the valley and bark. Stay within your diplomatic norms or you are going to burn your hands.


Anonymous said...

Kick this smart ass out of Nepal. Do Indian tolerate any other country's ambassador'd such piece of stale brain? Then why is he being so smart ass?
He is a mere clerk, a government employee, isn't he Girija Babu?

Jai Nepal

maya said...

It seems to me that you suffer from a great deal of insecurity regarding your country and its ability to solve its problems. It is Ambassador Sood's job to get involved with the governance of the country to which he is posted - unless he does so, how is he expected to get on with his work? Moreover, if he says that rightfully, the Maoists should form the government since they clearly won the election, he is not wrong, is he? Just because you are anti-Maoist, don't train your anger on someone who's fault it is not. Secondly, is he the only one who said so? I highly doubt it, btu you are only focusing on him because its easy to target someone who's not Nepali, as otherwise you would be seen as anti-Nepali. And you call India opportunistic?
I don't think you understand much of what you try to talk about, which is why you try to hide behind pompous, bombastic, and downright disgusting displays of bravado and insufferable humour. A case in point being the "Sood or Soodra" bit - clearly you are just being facetious and casteist for lack of anything better to say. As for your first anonymous commentator, may I just say that if you are comparing a country's ambassador to a "mere clerk", then clearly you have a lot to leant before you can make any such statements, don't you think?