Thursday, May 15, 2008

Eat your words Mr Sood, Go back Home

On May 15, 1815 Nepal signed treaty with British. But after 1990 treaty the treaty with British is null and void but India never returned Nepal's land and still it is capturing it and its fraud ambassodars are going public lecturing Nepalese people on government formation and other issue. Shame on you expansionist India and Indians. Shame on You!
Speaking at the Reporters Club Nepal, Indian ambassador to Nepal, Rakesh Sood, has stressed on the formation of government of national unity.
But the question is how can he go on giving speeches and teaching Nepalese publicly?
Isn't it time that Nepal government ban the ambassodars to speak in public on Nepal's internal matters? How come he comment on Nepal's internal issue? How dare he?

Addressing an interaction at the Reporters' Club in Kathmandu, Thursday, Sood said, "During this critical period, it becomes necessary for all political leaders, especially the larger parties and the largest party, which has emerged, namely the Maoists, to take position of responsibility, to develop consensus and to form a government of national unity."
Who asked him for advice?

Ambassador Sood added that since the elected Constituent Assembly (CA) needs to take decisions on a number of important sensitive issues, these decisions will be best taken in the spirit of consensus.
Why is India and Indian embassy so involved in internal matter of Nepal? What is their intention?

He said that his government will wait and see once the new government is formed in Nepal to look into the issue of amending or revising the 1950 treaty. "We will be happy to take up this matter and discuss," he said.
Scrap the treaty immediately. We don't want that crap of yours, because we know the intention of India was and is never for Nepal's development but to capture Nepal's natural resources.

Though, he denied reports India was suggesting to make Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala as president in the new dispensation, it is hundred percent true and is Indian formula.
Immediately after the fraud Yechuri left this another fraud is advising Nepalese on what to do? It's better if you keep quite and let Nepalese decide what to do? Why is India so afraid?
India wants UNMIN out of this country and that's why Yechuri has visited Nepal. But the major task of UNMIN to settle the arms and armies is yet to be finished. How can UNMIN leave half the task and why is India afraid of UNMIN's presence?
Eat your words My Sood, Go back Home we don't need your politicing in Nepal's internal matters!!!

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