Saturday, March 15, 2008

India's Kashmir, Darjeeling, Khalistan and Nepal's Tarai movement

Has the Kashmir people in India right of self determination?
What about the Khalistan movement and India's treatment of the freedom movement?
And most henious crime against humanity is the eviction of Nepalese speaking people from Bhutan backed by India. No wonder the largest joke to democracy -- India -- didnot speak anything against it? Has is suggested Bhutan dictator to talk to Nepalese langushing in Nepal's refugee camps? The Nepalese in Nepal's camps are fighting to go back home even after more than a decade India stops them on Mechi bridge, a shameless act of largest shame on democracy.
What about the Darjeling movement of separate state? Why is India not ready to recognize Gurkhaland movement and suppression of communist West Bangal? Communist Sita Ram Yechuri doesnot suggest anything on Gurkhaland but he is very actively suggesting in Nepal's case, why is he or any of the Indians so hyperactive in Nepal?
How can India force Nepal to hold talks with the armed goons operating from Indian soil -- Who is supplying arms to all the armed groups like Goit and Jwala Singh operating from Indian soil against Nepal --- Mr Man Monhan Singh can you answer?
Has India any right -- moral or immoral -- to dicatate Nepal?

The Partition of India in 1947 promised its people both political and religious freedom—through the liberation of India from British rule, and the creation of the Muslim state of Pakistan. But Still Kashmir is fighting for freedom. The divide brought displacement and death, and it benefited the few at the expense of the very many. Thousands of women were raped, at least one million people were killed, and ten to fifteen million were forced to leave their homes as refugees. One of the first events of decolonization in the twentieth century, Partition was also one of the most bloody.

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