Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Maoists yield to RAW dictates, report

India’s notorious intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) was behind the recently signed 23-point agreement between the Seven Party Alliance in Nepal.
The Dristhi Vernacular Weekly dated December 25, 07, writes that Ashok Chaturvedi, the chief of the RAW, had suggested the leaders of the seven party alliance to agree on the point that Nepal will be declared a “federal democratic republic” and that should be written in the interim constitution.
The Drishti weekly further referring to high placed sources claims that Chaturvedi in presence of Madhav Kumar Nepal, the UML chief, had taken words from Prachanda, the Maoists supremeo that his party too will agree on the said points as instructed by Chaturvedi.
The weekly writes that it was only after the maneuvering of the RAW chief in Nepali politics and his lucrative offers, that both the Maoists and the Nepali congress took a step back from their initial rigid stances.
During his stay in Kathmandu, Chaturvedi met Prime Minister Koirala twice and more importantly asked the PM to look into the Indian security interest more seriously or else face consequences.
“The Maoists’ party appears to have split over whether it was logical to listen to RAW instructions or not?”, Dristhi writes further.
The first set of the Maoists which felt some what humiliated to the RAW instructions comprise, among others, Mohan Vaidya alias Kiran and Netra Bikram Chanda alias Biplav, and Ram Bahadur Thapa alias Badal however, on the contrary, the group comprising of Prachanda himself and Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai maintained that had it not been the RAW instructions, the current deadlock would have continued.

(See Dristhi Weekly for furhte detqails on increasing RAW activities in Nepal)

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