Friday, December 21, 2007

Abrogate Gandak treaty with India

The local residents of Susta, Nawalparasi, have demanded the abrogation of the Gandak Treaty signed in between the government of Nepal and India during the tenure of late B.P. Koirala as country’s prime minister in the early 1960s.
To recall, Koirala’s half-brother, Late Matrika Prasad Koirala similarly had signed the Koshi treaty with India wherein Nepal was thoroughly cheated by the other side.
The third brother of the Koirala family, Girija Prasad Koirala too has a distinction of having signed Tanakpur treaty with India which too incurred a colossal loss to this nation.
“The only way to stop India from continuously occupying Nepali lands in Susta is the abrogation of the said treaty”, said the president of the “Save Susta Campaign”, Mr. Gopal Gurung.
Adam Khan, the vice president of the campaign however, held that the local citizens of Susta will be forced to take laws into their hands…our first step will be to completely block the Gandak Nahar (Canal) which irrigates the Indian lands.
“We aim to pressurize the government by blocking the Nahar”, he added.
Latest reports have it that a group of YCL (Young Communist League) cadres who have been traveling across the country in their campaign for the establishment of a republic in the country, have recently conducted a thorough study in the Susta.
The YCL deploring the Indian highhandedness in Susta has asked the government of Nepal to take necessary steps towards stopping the encroachment of Nepali lands by India, say reports.

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