Sunday, August 15, 2010

The embassy men

As always Indian embassy gifted ambulances to Nepal. Why does the terrorist India like ambulance, is there any pshycological reason. Yes, there is it is their guilt feeling that they are behind the murder and killings of Nepalese people and they gift ambulances.
After Rishi Dhamala being exposed very badly to the media for being Indian embasy man this time the Indian embassy is planning a big media gaging campaign soon.
In a meeting with the embassy paid editors from APCA house and others in Lainchour the Indian terrorist Sood has told his henchmen that they are planning something big and will help the media that help embassy to curtail the press freedom in Nepal that is very dangerous for the so-called democratic India and its expansionary interests. Indian could not fulfill its wish to grab the MRP due to his dadagiri style and it is now trying to gag the media so that it can do anything it wants against Nepal and Nepali people in future. Sood has to be immediately sent back but the India sponsored government of Madhav Kumar Nepal and RAW and emabssy-backed media is silent on the issue of press freedom. The RAW is also planning something big for Kailash Sirohiya and Our kantipur Publications. The embassy people are publicly saying that they can murder Kailash sirohiya like Jamim Shah in Kathmandu in broad daylight. Th Jamim Shah case was also planned by RAW and Indian embassy have supported logistics. In the similar fashion, the RAW has send one journalist to the jamim Shah's publication before making the murder plan. It has again sent its one paid journalist, who is now back to RAW-funded himlayan times after collection informations from Kantipur publications, like he earlier went to Space time and returned back to himalayan times and reporte to RAW. His daughter is studying in Delhi sponsored by the RAW and his masters.
Like the east india company entered in India in the name of business and captured India, the RAW-funded APCA is planning to weaken all the nationalist forces and make puppet government like Madhav Kumar Nepal. Any one who is ationalist and stands for Nepal will be marked for murder and the Indianstate funded terrorist organization RAW and Indian embassy excute the murder in Kathmandu.
According to the terrorist Sood's ola those media persons who oppose his master plan will be sidelined by either murdering or charging them with some fake cases.
Dear media friends, be aware and remain vigilant, anyone who works in himalayantimes and APCA may be spying on you and your daily activities and selling the informations to the India embassy.

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