Friday, March 5, 2010

RAW, APCA and Indian Embassy after Shah murder

Terrorists Indian srriked again as they killed a media boss Jamim Shah in broad day light at Lazimpat of Kathmandu.
The sharp shooters who followed him from hotel Yak and Yeti shot him dead at a traffic jam at Lazimpat. They came from The indian embassy and ran back to indian embassy, according to the eye-witnesses.
Shjah has ben labelled as Dawood's man by RAW and Indian establishment and Indian embassy and the APCA House were following his movements. The police didnot act for an hour at the order from Madam Khadka, who is taking the capital city's security responsibility.
The police came to action after they got green signal from the Indian embassy and APCA Hpuse that the shooters were sent back safely.
The relation between the IGP chand and APCA House is very cordial as the RAW operatives posing as journalists fropm Indians in the himalayan newspapers published by APCA and its nepali annapurna post are freqyently with the Chans and police officer seen in the restaurents in Kathmandu valley.
The newspaer has people working for the RAW and Indian embassy, who report every news to first to delhi RAw and Indian embassy.
Some of them who have recently left the Shah's channel Nepal are instrumental in the passing of the shah's informations to the RAW and the editor himself informed the Indian embassy on how to carry the news and twist it.
Prakash rimal and Rajan Pokhrel report to the RAW in delhi and Ajay Khanal and Arjun Bhandari report to Indian embassy. They have been distorting the news and try to btainwash the reader. That's why APCA should be closed for the sake of Nepal's sovereignty. Otherwise some other editors and publishers of other newspapers and kantipur will be the next target of RAW as they slowly start propaganda against them and label them also as anti-Indian.
May be some of the RAW people from himalayan and annapurnal post will join the Kantipur and start collecting the information of the publishers and the editors and report to the RAW. So, they can kill these people.
They will be after our kantipur and its english newspaper, TKp and no wonder if the publisher and editor of these newspapers, who write pro-Nepal news will be soon dubbed anti-indian and will be targetted like Jamim Shah.
Sood is the most key person in the killings of pro-nepal media people as he sees every nepali nationalists as anti-Indian. He wanted to turn Nepal into Afghanistan but he falied and he is trying to murder some of the pro-nepal meadia people to threaten all. But he will never succeed as every Nepali knows Indian embasy is the manufacturer of the Indian terrorists to create problems in Nepal. India is a terrorist country and its state-sponser terrorism has done a lots of damage to Nepal till date. But how long could Indian terrorists damage Nepal as the international community is also watching Indian terrorist act in Nepal.
Though to show that it is working,
Police have suspended four policemen deployed at the police beat in Lazimpat at the time of Jamim Shah’s murder blaming them of the security lapses. But Madan Khada, who is onpayroll from the Indian embassy, RAW and APCA is spared.
Chief of Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu SP Ganesh KC organising a press conference at his office in Hanumandhoka claimed that other police officers are also involved.
The APCA House immediately after the murder of Shah's murder started security checking fearing counter attack. The Idian who were working posing as journalists in APCA were also sent back to Delhi.