Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why is India worrired?

Why are Indians worried about Chinese role in Nepal. Aren't they pushing China to play active role in Nepal? If they keep quite and do not interfare in Nepal they Nepal can also tel China not to interfare. The Indian interference is encouraging the Chinese and others to interfare in Nepal.
The government should strictly tell India not to interfare. So, that China will also not interfare otherwise Nepal will be play ground for Indian bastards and chinese and Americans.
Stop foreign interferance.
Stop Indian terrorists from encroaching Nepali land and request CIA to issue red corner notice against India, Indian prime minister and the Indian ambassodar in Nepal.
India is evil and a terrorist country and it is spreading terrorism in the whle South Asia. The RAW sponser terrorism has to be stopped, the interfarence has to be stopped and they should be exposed to the whole world that India is not a democratic country it is a terrorist country.
Declare India a terrorist country and issue red corner notice against the Indian leaders and Indian ambassodar in Nepal.
Indians killed the King Birendra and his family after he refused to pass the citizenship bill that would make the Biharis Nepalese. The Indian RAW kicked Gynandra after he also refused to give citizenship to Bihari in Tarai. The parties gave citizenship to lakhs of Biharis after Indian forced them. The Nepalese will be in minority in Nepal if the move continues as according to RAW plan. Thus the RAW propaganda machine The Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post and journalists like Rishi Dhamala and Ajaya Khanal and Jeewendra Simkhada should be immediately closed and arrested.

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