Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is this a sovereign country

Kathmandu, Apr 21 (PTI) The Maoist governments move to force the ouster of the Nepal Army chief seems to have isolated the ultra-left group, with the main Opposition party disrupting parliament and moving to polarize politics in the country against the former rebels.

The Prachanda-led government served an ultimatum to the Army chief Rukmangad Katawal, ordering him to explain why its directives on the removal of eight generals and halting recruitment in the army were ignored by him. The move to issue the notice is being interpreted as an indication of government's plan to remove the army chief.

Nepali Congress and 15 other political parties, including key coalition partner CPN-UML, have opposed the Maoists decision to seek clarification from Army Chief Rukmangad Katawal without proper ground.

Fears have been expressed that the deadlock between the government and most of the political parties could derail the stalled landmark peace process in Nepal.

Information Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara yesterday said a notice was issued to Army Chief, seeking a clarification on the military's recent recruitment, its hastiness in reinstating eight generals retired by the government and its decision not to participate in the National Games.

The Nepali Congress, led by former premier G P Koirala, boycotted the Parliament yesterday in protest against the governments move to seek clarification from Army Chief, terming it as strategy to weaken the national institution.

But maoists willnot be able to kick out Katawal as he has India behind him. Koirala did also want to sack him but India said not to do so and now sooner or later Rakesh Sood will start making rounds of baluwatar and threaten Prachnada not to sack him.

The relation between the India and Indianspy agencies and Nepali Army top brass is since along cordial. The massacre of late King Birendra and his family under the protection of 10,000 Army men in the Narayanhiti Royal palace was the design of RAW and Nepali army top brass helped execite it.
If the army cannot protect its patron King how can it protect Nepali people. But RAW will use all its power like newspapers and paid journalists and New Delhi will come to rescue Katawalas he is their man and they have to protect him.

A speciaal RAW agent Dhurb Painly has come to kathmandu to gather all the information and report back to RAW headquarters. He was posted in Kashmir before. The Sood and his agents the political parties will help Katawal and Maoists will have to back off.

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