Friday, March 6, 2009

Tharus protest and role of Media

The Nepali media didnot support the Tharu movement and neither the UN agencies or foreign embassies Like they did earlier. In the Madhesh movement, Indian embassy was more active for the right of madhesh and ethnic rights.But in Tharu movement it distanced itself. Everyone know the intention of India and its active role in Madhesh. But there is no madhesh in Nepal. There is terai and the Tharus are the original inhibitants of terai.
The madheshi parties cal for the right of madheshi who are bihari but they don't talk of Nepal's land encroached by India.
The Bihari influence in terai supported by Indian embassy in Kathmandu and Birgunj consulate is open secret.
The media has also not played its role effectively in the tharu movement as fear Indian embassy.
The RAW propaganda machine Apca and its publications himalayan times and annapurna post didnot give importance to tharu protest which is open as it was against their mission of disintegrating Nepal.
The Raw gives month training on Nepal's politic beforeww sending its people in Apca. RAW also teaches them Nepali so that they can understand and communicate in Nepali. Their work is to send all the informations to delhi headquarters. Apca is a randi khana where all the Indian have two two Nepali girls for themselves as theiur sex slaves. They not not only involve in newspaper business but Apca is involved in Nepali girls trafficiking and housing, and manpower. The newspapers are run by Indians for indian authority not for Nepal and Nepali and the 80% staff are Indian.
Such Raw propaganda machine should be closed to save the nepal's soveriegnty and save the country. let's give rights to Tharus, who are the originals people froim terai.
Today three people, a police officer, a protestor and a pedestrian were killed in Chitwan District. But the Nepali media didnot took any interest to report as they are run by the Indian embassy and paid by the Indian embassy.
In the fifth day of the indefinite period closure of Nepal's Tarai belt called by the Tharuhat United Struggle Alliance (TUSA), protesting against the government's decision to classify the indigenous Tharu Community in the Madhesi category, the three people had lost their lives.
The death of the police officer took place after he was attacked by a sharp knife by the protestors, another officer scrummed to minor injuries in the attack.
Fatally injured Kumar Budathoki- the police officer later died at the Bharatpur Hospital.
A Tharu protestor Kamal Chaudhari died last night who was severely thrashed by the police and a pedestrian who was injured by bullets fired by the police is also declared dead.
In Chitwan district alone more than Two dozen protestors, Sixteen General Police officers and Four Armed police officers are admitted to a nearby hospital.
In the mean time, the Tharu protest continues in Chitwan district defying curfew orders imposed by the District Administration Office.

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