Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let Pashupati make free of Indian crooks

Let Pashupati and the whole Nepal free of Indian crooks.

A sovereign country Nepal has eveery right to make decision that are beneficial for the country. Why the hell Indian cry here. They have been looting Nepal and manipulatiung Nepalese citing century old relationship ; But what has Nepal gained from thoses bastard Indians, they have always been looting us and in return giving one ambulance building one school.

Nepal doesnot need the criocodile's tears of bastard Indians. If they are big, so what; their heart is too small, smaller than chicken. And the big mouth Indians should be smacked from pashupati, and from Nepal. If they are capable why are they here. If they are not making money, they will not be here.

Can Rakesh Sood keep SSB out of Nepal's border, otherwise why is he barking?

Indian ambassador Rakesh Sood on Wednesday said that the bilateral relations between Nepal and India would not be affected though the controversy over the appointment of new Nepali priests at the Pashupatinath temple have disappointed some of the Indians.
Why should be?
Can a Nepali ambassador go on gioving speech in India? Thenm why let this dhoti freek everywhere? Senf this crook bank. We don't need any Indian crooks.

India’s Samajbadi Party Mulayam Singh Yadav and Amar Singh regretted the Maoist-led government and dubbed the replacement of the south Indian priests with new Nepali priests at the temple a politicisation of the time-honoured tradition.
They are motre bastartd than any body on earth as they visit Pashupati to meet Bhatta not Pashupati. Go back to India and do politics over religions don't try to scatter your garbage in Nepal.

Bharitiya Janata Party Lal Krishna Advani expressed dissatisfaction over the controversy of appointment of Nepali priests at Pashupatinath temple, one of the holiest shrine of Hindus. Why should he cann he smacvk Soniya the christian inj his country? Then why hue and cry in Nepal.

Down with Indian imperialists !!!
KIck all Indian out of Nepal. They have done more harm to Nepal than good. WE have thousands of instances and examples for Indian evil in Nepal.
Save Nepal from evil Indian encroachment !!!
Close all RAW officies like Himalayan Times in Nepal.

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sangesh said...

politics shoudl be out from religion, else we will face more bad things in nepal