Sunday, February 24, 2008

PM to seek landlocked country’s rights

Arjun Bhandari
Kathmandu, February 23
Considering perennial crisis of petroleum products and other essential goods, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala today told top leaders of the SPA that he would seek rights of the landlocked country to ease up the crisis, according to a source close to the PM.
“It’s high time that Nepal sought the rights of the landlocked country to ensure smooth supply of essential goods, including the petroleum products,” the source quoted the PM as telling top leaders of the CPN-UML, CPN-Maoist, Janamorcha Nepal and NWPP at a meeting in Baluwatar.
The source told this daily that the PM would “use diplomatic channels with Nepal’s friendly countries” to ensure continued supply of petroleum products and other essential goods in the country. “The ongoing Tarai unrest is not the only cause of crisis in the supply of petroleum products but other aspects are also involved in it,” the source quoted the PM as telling the SPA leaders.
The PM is said to have told UML general secretary and Maoist chairman that he would hold talks with the agitating parties in any part of the world if that helped resolve the crisis. Sources said the PM would take “appropriate steps” by tomorrow evening if the UMDF leaders did not give up the demand of one Madhes, one Pradesh by tomorrow morning. The source, however, did not say what steps he would take to bail out the country from the ongoing crisis.
It proves India is after all the parties to destroy this country. The friends and supporters of the Nepali political parties.
Nepali Congress - K V Rajan, Digvijaya Singh
Palace - Digvijaya Singh, Rajnath Singh
Maoists - S D Muni, Sitaram Yechuri
Madhesi parties (UMDF) - Indian embassy


basanta said...

It seems he has forgotten it again as Madhesh movement is stopped. He will remember when there is problem in Madhesh again. This is Nepali habit.

Anonymous said...

They don't need identity because they are criminals. Every Nepali knows who they are and who are their masters, but like you said my friend, Nepalese have a very short memory. Jai Nepal