Friday, January 25, 2008

How RAW is damaging Nepal's image?

This is a piece of news from RAW propaganda machine called The Himalayan Times published by Indian embassy in Kathmandu. Most of the reporters and the employees of the newspaper are Indians from Darjeling, Sikkim and Kharsang and many other cities of India or paid by the RAW in Kathmandu. It is said that in the editorial
meeting RAW agents from Indian embassy direct what to be printed tomorrow, the example of today's newspape's news piece. The agitation of the petroleum price hike was led by the seven students union and every other newspaper reported that.
But the news in The Himalayan Times front page, in second line accuse them as hooligans. It is alo one example of how Nepali reporters are briefed to write the news? How can a reporter accuse seven students unions as hooligans?

Tourism took a beating as city burnt
Prakriti Prasad

Entrepreneurs worried about an encore
Kathmandu, January 24:The country returned to normalcy today.But the last two days of chaos when hooligans besieged the city — burning tyres, vandalising vehicles and manhandling people — will be hard to forget for tourists who landed here to get a feel of “Naturally Nepal”. nsecurity ......

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