Tuesday, October 30, 2007

SSB sends present for Nepal

Indian SSB returns Chamar’s body
Members of Seema Suraksha Bal (SSB), India's paramilitary force which is deployed along Nepal-India border, handed over the body of Ram Dulare Chamar of Nimkothiya in Gulariya Municipality to his family on Sunday.
Chamar was reportedly shot dead by the SSB security men along the no-man's-land when he was returning his home from bordering market of India Friday. They had seized his body after the killing.
Deputy Superintendent of Police in Bardiya Pawan Kharel informed Chamar was shot dead by SSB constable Shiva Kumar Thakur. However, SSB officials have been maintaining that Chamar was killed in retaliation as he attempted to snatch weapons from their force. Locals outrightly rejected SSB's claims.
The area is still tense, as the locals have been protesting demanding action against the guilty SSB personnel and compensation to the bereaved
Nepal: where there is no GOVERNMENT at all
Personnel of the Seema Suraksha Bal (SSB), the Indian paramilitary force deployed along the Nepal-India border, shot dead a Nepali citizen Ram Dulare Chamar of Gulariya Municipality Ward No. 4 in the no man's land area here Friday night.
Chamar, 33, also known in the area as Laxman, was shot dead while returning home on his bicycle after purchasing some household articles from a neighboring market on the Indian side, said Police Inspector Ganesh Banstola.
Another local, Ram Kumar Khairaha, who was with the deceased managed to run to safety during the incident.
Following the killing, the SSB personnel also seized the body and took it to Baharaich in India.
After word of Chamar's killing spread, irate locals protested in the area Saturday against the "murderering" SSB men. They also demanded that the government of India provide immediate and proper compensation to the family of the deceased, take action against guilty SSB personnel and return the body at once.
Following the protests, the border area remained tense throughout Saturday.
The locals also alleged that the SSB was trying to prepare an investigation report saying Chamar was killed in a clash. Public movement to and from India through this border point has not been restricted so far.
Locals on the Nepali side of the international border have long complained of harassment and high-handedness by the Indian border force but the authorities on both sides have so far failed to control the 'unruly' acts of the errant force.
But Nepal goverment is still sleeping. Home Ministry and Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula is sleeping as the foreigners are killing Nepalese. It seems Maoists, who claim themselves nationalist force, they also feel threatened in raiseing voice against India, which is their bread and butter.
Is there any real son in Nepal, who dare ask Indians why they killed a Nepali?

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